Chiwenga undergoes extensive tests: ED

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa last night said his deputy Constantino Chiwenga was now set to undergo “actual treatment” following the completion of “extensive tests” required by the Chinese medical team taking care of him.

In a statement, Mnangagwa said: “Further to my communication last month updating the nation on the condition of our Vice-President, Dr CGDN Chiwenga, I wish to add that the Vice-President has now completed extensive tests required by the Chinese medical team attending to him, thus paving the way for the commencement of actual treatment.

“While it is too early in the treatment process, I am advised that the Vice-President’s condition remains remarkably stable, with the initial strict regimen imposed on him at the time of his admission being gradually eased to allow greater access by close family members.”

He said arrangements were being made to “ensure close family members are within (the) call of the Vice-President”.

Mnangagwa pledged to keep the nation updated over Chiwenga’s progress.

This comes after Mnangagwa released another statement on Monday concerning the health status of his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, who has spent some time in Singapore for an undisclosed alignment.

Speculation has been swelling over Chiwenga’s health status and the nature of his illness after her has been out of the public eye for months now.

The VP was last month taken to China after months of shuttling from India, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Soon after Mnangagwa’s inauguration last year, Chiwenga has been in and out of private hospitals, as worry continues to creep in over his fitness to continue holding public office.

In the case of Mugabe, Mnangagwa said he sent a high-powered delegation to Singapore led by Chief Secretary Misheck Sibanda to check on his condition.

“From the report the team gave me at the weekend, I am greatly pleased to inform the nation that the former President continues to make steady progress towards eventual recovery and that his condition is remarkably stable for his age,” a statement read.

“The team further advised that because of the good progress he is making, Cde Mugabe could be released fairly soon.

“Once that happens, government stands ready with appropriate and adequate arrangements for both his return and continued care and treatment here at home respectively until he recovers.”

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  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 6 months ago

    Who cares what the state of Chiwenga’s health is? And honestly, I don’t think ED does either.

    Chiwenga’s problems were caused by him taking his little willie for a walk where it should not have gone.

    So now we are all supposed to worry about him.

    This on top of us all paying the huge costs of his expensive medical treatment in every far corner of the world.

    • comment-avatar
      ace mukadota 6 months ago

      Is it HIV/AIDS or simply BP problems ?
      Also I saw reports that he had been over using skin lightening creams – too much chemicals into your body surely cant be a good thing ?

      • comment-avatar
        Matrix 6 months ago

        Probably all of the above. Who cares really sending delegations kungodya mari isipo.
        Time is up gentlemen nobody lives forever. the country has bigger problems than the health issues of certain individuals.