Chiwenga’s amputated ex-wife remanded in hospital 

Source: Chiwenga’s amputated ex-wife remanded in hospital –Newsday Zimbabwe

Mary Chiwenga

VICE-PRESIDENT Constantino Chiwenga’s former wife Marry Mubaiwa was yesterday remanded to October 31 by Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiwe from her hospital bed in a case she is accused of assaulting her children’s maid.

Mubaiwa, who is battling a chronic illness, had her arm amputated last week and is still hospitalised.

Mtetwa said Mubaiwa was not fit to stand trial in her current state of health.

On several occasions, Mubaiwa was remanded while on a wheelchair after the State refused to remand her outside the courtroom.

Allegations are that on January 26 this year, the maid, Delight Munyoro, went to Hellenic Primary School in Borrowdale to collect Mubaiwa’s child.

As she was waiting for the child at the gate, it is alleged the family driver, Batsirayi Furukiya, went to collect the child and the complainant remained seated in the vehicle.

The State alleges that when the driver was walking with the child to where the vehicle was parked, Mubaiwa followed behind him and started accusing Munyoro of telling her child not to like her.

Mubaiwa allegedly then struck Munyoro, who was seated in the car, on her left cheek using the back of her left hand.

Several witnesses have since testified in the matter, and her application for discharge was dismissed by the courts.


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    Ndonga 3 months ago

    There can be no doubt that our glorious and brave Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is using our courts to fight his loosing battle with his spirited wife Marry Mubaiwa.
    Wake up Chiwenga and be a real man.
    After all the child watcher only got a slap on the face when being accused by your wife of turning her child against her.
    We can be sure that her suspicions were true and these stories were probably invented and spread by our very brave General.
    And where on this earth would a court go to a very sick patient’s bed to remand a woman with a newly amputated arm on an everyday and minor assault accusation like this one.
    General grow, or steal a pair and sort your life out as now you are a big joke for us all.
    And on a second thought, are not all our ZANU PF leaders big jokes.

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    Kalulu 3 months ago

    People who are heartless should never be anywhere near leadership positions in a democratic society. I am gutted!!!

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    Nyoni 3 months ago

    See what happens when you are with hyenas!!!