Chiwenga’s wife arrested

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Mary Chiwenga


VICE-President Mary Chiwenga’s wife was arrested on charges of money laundering and externalisation of foreign currency at a time the couple is on the verge of a nasty divorce.

Marry, who has not been seen in public since her husband returned from China where he was hospitalised for over four months, was arrested by detectives from the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc).

The nature of the charges she is facing remained unclear last night as Zacc officials said they were not yet in the picture.

John Makamure, the Zacc spokesperson said he could only confirm that Marry was detained at a Harare police station as part of investigations into allegations that she was involved in money laundering.

“It’s true that Marry Chiwenga has been picked by Zacc and is assisting with investigations into allegations of money laundering and externalisation levelled against her,” he said. “That is only what I can tell you.”

Zacc chairperson Loice Matanda Moyo and other Zacc commissioners were not reachable until the time of going to print.

Another Zacc commissioner said he was in the rural areas and was not aware of the latest developments.

Some sources said the arrest could be linked to a property that Marry allegedly bought in neighbouring South Africa.

Chiwenga and his wife are said to have fallen out after the former model allegedly asked the VP to formalise their marriage when he was on his sick bed at a South African hospital.

The former army general who led the military coup that toppled long time ruler Robert Mugabe in 2017 spent the better part of this year battling for his life in hospitals in South Africa, China and India.

When he was flown to China, Marry was allegedly banned from visiting him. On his return to Harare on November 23 she was not among those that welcomed him at the Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Marry was also conspicuous by her absence a week later when Chiwenga held a prayer meeting and a party at his homestead in Wedza.

The two are said to be living separately after the VP moved into another house on arrival from China.

Marry was previously married to former Zimbabwe national soccer team player Shingi Kawondera, who is now suing her for $700 000 over their separation.

Kawondera claims that the VP’s wife forged his signature on the divorce consent papers and the alleged fraud cost him a business that they were jointly running.

Marry has indicated that she will defend the lawsuit.

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  • comment-avatar
    njalo 4 months ago

    More maggots and worms crawling out of the rotting mass.

    Brace yourselves for another twenty five years of the same.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 4 months ago

    One down, thousands should follow. Yes, great joy at this very good news.

    But great sadness to realise that it’s only those that crossed swords with members of ZANU PF’s hierarchy that gets arrested for anything these days.

    But their day of reckoning will come. For sure.

  • comment-avatar
    njalo 4 months ago

    European and Asian hairpieces, western sun glasses, lipstick and western bling.
    A true example of what the Zimbabwean ruling elite are attracted to.

    One needs money in abundance to achieve those looks and attire. One needs money and power to attract such a package.

    The ZANU Bigwigs have never been short of the money or what it brings them since 1980.

    Brace yourselves for a further twenty five years of these displays.

  • comment-avatar
    njalo 4 months ago

    In twenty five years time there will have been major power shifts here on Earth.

    Errant minnows like Zimbabwe will be brought into line rapidly and without fuss because of their inbred weaknesses (their current ignorance, arrogance and greed).

    Yes, sadly, the war veterans of Zimbabwe are likely to be the last free peoples of the world. Free to plunder, abuse, dictate, fornicate, abdicate, isolate, berate,irritate, impoverish, belittle, rape, humiliate, shoot, scold, you name it…….their fellow citizens.

  • comment-avatar
    ace mukadota 4 months ago

    ZANUPF govt as usual enforcing selective application of the law. Exchange Control what a joke this has been since 1961. RBOZ is only a buyer of the USD but not a seller – how is anyone meant to conduct business in ZW or go to Musina on holiday ?

  • comment-avatar
    MILES R ANDERSON 4 months ago

    One way to get rid of your wife.