Church calls for national dialogue

Source: Church calls for national dialogue | Daily News

HARARE – Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe has condemned acts of violence, while calling for dialogue to end the political and economic dilemma in the country.

In a statement, the church fellowship said while citizens have rights to register their concerns in the form of demonstrations and petitions, any unlawful conduct can never be applauded.

“We strongly urge our governing authorities to urgently convene a round-table dialogue platform with all concerned players, actors and citizen representative groups to discuss the root causes of the unrest and the way forward that is inclusive and sustainable in the immediate to mid-term,” read the statement.

Acts of violence have been witnessed in the country since the beginning of the national protests last Monday.

“We strongly reiterate that violent expression and or violent repression will not help the situation and anyone affected, including both the governing authorities and citizens.”


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    May God come down and see like He did with Sodom,may he come down and see,the ground itself is now crying like with Abel’s blood,,may God almighty rescue the people held captive in their own nation,made slaves in their own country,may God deliver Zimbabweans from the harsh ruler ship of the Pharaohs,in Jesus name i pray