Church group warns Zimbabweans

Source: Church group warns Zimbabweans | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Sunday Mail Reporter
A local church group has exhorted Zimbabweans to guard against faith-based organisations that are pushing for regime change disguised as sermons.

In response to a recent controversial pastoral letter by Catholic Bishops, Tehillar Christian Network (TCN) said the country should to shun efforts to fan disunity and divisions.

TCN founder Rev Sam Malunga said Zimbabweans should not be tricked into selling their birth right. “Tehillar Christian Network clergymen call on Zimbabweans to guard against anti-Government religious leaders who now have become retrogressive elements pushing anti-Government sentiments against those in authority raised by God in Zimbabwe . . .

“God-fearing Zimbabweans have the moral obligation to cherish and protect their God-given heritage and legacy under the leadership of President E.D Mnangagwa and not be swayed by apostasy-ridden clergymen whose resolve is to sell out their birth-right,” Rev Malunga said in a statement.

“It is in light of the above mentioned that saints across the religious divide awaken to abscond from destructive influences of politically driven pseudo-clerics who are churning out provocative falsehoods that are fan divisions, disunity and anarchy.”


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    Kalulu 10 months ago

    Point taken for people to guard against churches who preach about regime change but what is your view and comment on what is happening in the country. Three young women were recently reported to have been abducted, tortured, sexually abused and forced to each other’s faeces by suspected state agents. No one has been arrested for this.

    Only yesterday a young political activist in Karoi was reported to have been murdered by suspected state agents. The state is cooking up stories denying responsibility for his death.

    People are not allowed to express their views through demonstrations even before the Covid situation. Please note that in other democracies people still demonstrate during this Covid pandemic and they are allowed to do so but not in Zimbabwe.

    There is rampant corruption in in Zimbabwe. Whisltle-blowers on corruption are arrested for exposing corruption, denied bail on trumped up charges, denied food recommended for their medical conditions, denied adequate clothes to protect them from the cold weather, have leg irons on them as if they are dangerous criminals whereas those who committed corruption never spent a night in the cells, state did not oppose their bail application and they are roaming the streets free.

    As a Church leader whose congregants could be affected by the above or whose relatives could be affected, where do you stand instead of parroting senseless issues around regime change.