Churches pray for peace in 2019

Source: Churches pray for peace in 2019 | Daily News

HARARE – Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council (Zacc) has called on Zimbabweans to unite for the country to have a peaceful 2019.

Zacc chairperson Jimayi Muduvuri told the Daily News that Zimbabweans must put the interests of the country first.

“We would like to call upon all political leaders to put the interests of the country first before their narrow and parochial interests. We are praying for a peaceful 2019.

“As the church we accept diversity, thus therefore call upon those who are refusing to accept really to swallow their pride and accept that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the legitimate leader.

“As the Church we accept God’s verdict and his verdict was that this country should be led by Mnangagwa, any attempts to subvert the will of God is self-defeating and retrogressive.”

Muduvuri said Mnangagwa is the man who will revive the economy, create jobs for the people and make Zimbabwe great again.

“While we appreciate the economic and social challenges that we face as the children of God, we believe that with God all things are possible for he is the one who anointed president Mnangagwa to lead us into the Promised Land.

“We commit the year ahead to God and believe through his Grace we shall overcome, for there is nothing that true servants of God cannot do under his guidance. We commit the year 2018 to the Lord and pray that our leaders are guided by God in an endeavour to revive the economy.

“We say no divisions and attempts by some individuals, institutions and nongovernmental organisations to drive a wedge among our leaders and also to create confusion in order to create a Government of National unity just to accommodate some parties.”