COP26 delegation exposes ED rhetoric: Ndiweni

Source: COP26 delegation exposes ED rhetoric: Ndiweni | Newsday (News)


OUTSPOKEN former Ntabazinduna chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni has described President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s United Kingdom trip for the COP26 summit last week as extravagant after he reportedly took with him more than 100 people.

Ndiweni said the hiring of a private jet from former Soviet Republic Azerbaijan, at a reported cost of US$1 million was profligacy by the leader of a country where the majority of citizens live in poverty.

“Mnangagwa’s extravagance shows the falsehoods of the sanctions campaign. Over a hundred world leaders arrived in Glasgow for the climate change conference.  Among the leaders present was Mnangagwa, whose delegation was double that of South Africa, a nation that is one of the G20 nations,” Ndiweni said.

“The new President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema went to the conference on economy class, with just a few individuals.

“Indeed a fair question would be what was the plane carrying when it left Zimbabwe?

“It is common knowledge that gold bars and other precious stones are being regularly smuggled out of the country by the powers-that-be.”

The former Ndebele chief took part in protests against Mnangagwa in the UK during the COP26 summit.

Ndiweni said Mnangagwa’s Glasgow jaunt showed that United Nations rapporteur Alena Douhan had been hoodwinked by  government to think that sanctions caused the suffering of people, when in actual fact it was extravagance by the country’s leaders.

“Zimbabwean government’s position has always been that the targeted sanctions crippled the economy and finances of the government completely. Surprisingly, the world witnessed a huge delegation from Zimbabwe in Glasgow for the COP26, and huge spending allowances for each delegate in United States dollars throughout the conference,” he said.

He said funds meant for climate change mitigation in the country should be channelled through environmental organisations for implemention of programmes.

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    Nyoni 4 weeks ago

    Dear Chief talking is nought for us all. This regime like Mobutu of Zaire plundered the country into the ground and we are there now. These parasites must be dealt a heavy blow but it appears there a wait and see attitude by all concerned with little interest in our people’s plight. Yes Chief fighting for a better Zimbabwe for all was our goal not  like this , it can not go on forever . Your voice now is more important then ever so use it while your overseas. 

    • comment-avatar
      Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni 4 weeks ago

      Indeed Nyoni
      You are completely right. For the political space inside Zimbabwe has been captured by the Ruling Party. Daily challenges test the people every day. In such a situation we must engage with the world, in order that we may help our country and people back in Zimbabwe. It is now that we are needed, we who are in the diaspora.