Copper cables thieves hit Byo

Source: Copper cables thieves hit Byo | Sunday News (local news)

Melinda Ncube, Sunday News Reporter
POLICE are investigating a series of copper cable theft incidents that have taken place in Bulawayo in the past few weeks which have seen some areas in the city going for days without power.

Police have revealed that in two weeks there have been three new cases of copper cable thefts in the city. This comes at a time when Zesa is losing thousands of dollars to continued vandalism of copper  cables.

The Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, said police were investigating three cases of copper cable thefts that took place in Newton West, Ingutsheni Hospital Compound and Riverside between 13 and 15 August.

“We are expecting to clear a number of cases and there are of course some members of the syndicate that are on the run but we are making follow-ups.

“We want to thank members of the public in Bulawayo for working closely and well with Zimbabwe Republic Police as we are now seeing the results from this active participation of members of the public through the recovery of cables valued at US$1 140.”

In Newton West, police discovered that 500 metres by 50 strands overhead copper conductors from the poles worth US$3 000 were stolen. At Ingutsheni Hospital Compound an employee is said to have noticed some copper cables hanging loosely from one pole and later discovered that about 250 metres by five strands had been stolen.

Another case from an anonymous person was received at Zesa from Riverside concerning copper cables that were stolen along Valeview Road.

The total value of the stolen copper cables has been pegged at US$7 200 with cables worth US$ 1 140 recovered. However, no arrests have been made.

The recovered cables were discovered at various places in the bushes awaiting transportation by the criminals.