Cops hunt for ‘sadistic’ man

Source: Cops hunt for 'sadistic' man | Daily News

HARARE – Police have launched an extensive manhunt for a Harare man who stands accused of causing the deaths of five children after he sickeningly burnt down the home of the family of a 12-year-old girl that he is said to have raped earlier.

This comes after Steven Manjovha, 35, of Budiriro high density suburb, vanished without trace after recently being granted bail by the High Court.

Manjovha — who is facing five counts of murder, two for attempted murder, and a charge of rape — allegedly went berserk on April 12 this year, after he had been accused of raping the 12 year-old girl.

The State says he raped the victim after cornering her at Pension Farm, in Glen View — where she had gone to visit a relative.

Manjovha is said to have dragged the minor into a nearby bush, where he raped her once without using protection.

After the alleged crime, the sadistic Manjovha is also said to have phoned the father of his victim, threatening to harm him and his entire family.

Pursuant to the threats, it is alleged that at around 11pm on the same day, Manjovha went to the victim’s home at Churu Farm, where his estranged wife Patricia Rutsato was staying.

When he got there, Rutsato was sleeping with the mother of his victim, together with her five children.

Manjovha then allegedly forced his way into the home, awakening the two women — who tried to fight him.

He was said to be holding a container filled with petrol which he allegedly later used to douse the home, before fleeing.

The five children were severely burnt before they were rushed to Harare Central Hospital together with their mother and Manjovha’s wife — where they succumbed to their wounds.


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    Ndebele 2 years ago

    There is more than one suspect. The Cops can start with Robert Mugabe, then go to ED, Chiwenga and Shiri and ask them how many people they murdered in Matabeleland. The world and Zimbabwe are a wonderful place. Kill one person and you are a murderer, kill 5 or 6 people and you are man man. But, murder 
    20 000 civilians in a genocide and the world will give you a Knighthood and say that you are God’s gift to democracy. Utter brilliance – even in the USA where they are not quite sure how Jamal Kashoggi was murdered in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey because the USA have an arms deal on the table. ED will make Zimbabwe great again and Domnald Trump will make America great again (joke)  – but how many people will get shot in the process?