Corrupt Zanu PF, govt officials must resign: War vets

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THE Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) executive has thrown its weight behind the Zanu PF youth league’s anti-corruption drive by calling on party and government officials implicated in corrupt activities to resign.

Zanu PF secretary for war veterans Douglas Mahiya said those named in corrupt activities must do the “honourable thing and resign” instead of using the courts to try and clear their names.

“If you are in government or holding a senior party position, you should resign when your name is fingered in corrupt activities,” Mahiya told ex-combatants
on Tuesday during a meeting held at the ZNLWVA Entumbane offices in Bulawayo.

“There is nothing absolute with the law. Some of the accused are able to evade the justice system through the courts. So if your name has been fingered in
corruption allegations; do the honourable thing and resign.

Mahiya added: “We should speak against corruption. Some people will use legal technicalities to escape being jailed despite it being a fact that they stole

This comes at a time when the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has been given arresting powers.

Environment minister Priscah Mupfumira is the first senior government official named by the youth to face music, with charges of defrauding the National Social
Security Authority of over US$95 million.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is yet to set up a probe team to investigate the Zanu PF youth league’s allegations.

“This cancerous malady called corruption must be eradicated once and for all. Appropriate measures must be taken to clean the party and the nation at large of
corruption. This, of course, includes government and the private sector,” party spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo was quoted when announcing that Mnangagwa will
set up a commission to probe the corruption allegations.

Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa has said Cabinet will wait for due process to take course before acting against those accused of corruption by the
youth league.

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    Mapingu 11 months ago

    These O-vets are moronic idiots. They force people to vote career thieves into office, then later tell say if any of those thieves is caught stealing s/he must resign. Is that not hallucinating of the worst kind? In any case, all zanu pf government officials are looters, thieves, and corrupt. These O-vets know it very well. So are they honestly asking the whole government, for which they are always prepared to keep in power by hook and crook, including killing people, to now relinquish power? Nonsense!!!

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    Thieves and corrupt people are not politely told to resign just because an allegation has been made. That sounds unjust. They could resign when charged, that has not happened. Corrupt and thieving people will corruptly remain in public and party positions until they are fired or arrested. They will not voluntarily leave.

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    Mukanya 11 months ago

    The entire establishment of Zanu PF should quit including the so-called war vets!!

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    RESIGN !!! They should be locked up and the keys thrown away more like.