Coventry wades into Black Umfolosi saga

Source: Coventry wades into Black Umfolosi saga | Newsday (News)


SPORT, Arts and Recreation minister Kirsty Coventry has promised to intervene in Black Umfolosi’s tug of war with Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) over royalties which the Imbube outfit claims it is owed since 1987.

The song, Unity, has been played for many years on ZBC television and radio. The group claims Zimura has snubbed its efforts to recover their royalties.

Coventry was in Bulawayo for a visit to sports, arts and recreation facilities in the city.

“I can’t promise you that you are going to get all the royalties, but I can promise you that from my ministry, we will fight for you and will make sure that it (the matter) is taken to the right ministry. We will keep pushing for you and fighting. We will make sure that at least something comes back to the families,” she said.

Coventry said the issue of royalties was pertinent as it was recurring in all her meetings with artistes across the country.

“I can promise that my office will be working very hard to make sure that you are protected,” she said.

Meanwhile, Coventry said artists would reap the fruits of their work during her tenure as the minister responsible for arts development.

She suggested the setting up of a think-tank to thrash out the issues raised.

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    ace mukadota 2 years ago

    Fighting for someone. Surely ZW must follow the law in the country & all will be well. If it is not then ZW is a lost cause & will be run by warlords into the future. Similar to what you see in DRC and Somalia & a few other dodgy parts of Africa & S America