Creative sector challenged to invest in arts, culture

Source: Creative sector challenged to invest in arts, culture | Herald (Entertainment)

Part of the Portfolio Committee on Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation chaired by Matthias Tongofa (in grey suit) during the post-Budget review analysis in Harare yesterday

Tafadzwa Zimoyo
Senior Arts Reporter
THE chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Matthias Tongofa has said the arts and culture sector should invest more and be tactical in their programmes as they can self-fund.

Tongofa made the revelations during the post-Budget review analysis held in Harare yesterday, where the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation permanent secretary Thokozile Chitepo presented the report.

According to the Budget, the ministry had bid for $21 billion, but was allocated $3,497 billion encompassing all sectors – sports, youth and arts.

“Our job is to get a full report of the post-Budget review analysis and we then present that in the Parliament, but we would need clarity on certain aspects so as to support the sector when debated,” said Tongofa.

“I understand that the funds they got are not enough according to the report, but for now they can invest and be innovative on what they got while we wait to present back.

“It was also noted that the arts sector should invest in some of their projects and programmes which will then help in self-funding.”

Tongofa said the arts and culture sector was being blurred on the planning side because it was not standing firm.

“Arts is business and is big in the development of the country,” he said.

“The sector should stand firm and present what they want.

I have seen that it has blurring areas, yet that is where more money should be awarded.

“People need to know that the art encompasses a lot from film, books, music, sculptor to modelling, among others, hence that should be taken seriously and respected.”

Tongofa encouraged the ministry to always present a monthly report as this will help on checking their progress.

Chitepo said so far they were happy with the allocated budget even though it was not enough.

She cited some of the activities that the arts sector would like to tackle in 2021 and said they will try to squeeze them in the limited budget.

“We want to have seven training programmes on IP and UNESCO 2003 Convention on safe guarding of the 2003 convention,” said Chitepo.

“Through the ministry we hope to create the Culture Creatives Industries (CCIs) national database which will help us identify and know our artists.

“The participation in the art sector both locally and regionally should improve and we hope in 2021 we try and achieve the participation, be it festivals or workshops that help boost the sector.”

Chitepo said they were hoping to build more arts hubs and develop community centres which can help promote and develop the youth’s talents.