Customs officer in $5 million duty scandal

Source: Customs officer in $5 million duty scandal | Newsday (News)

A Customs and Excise official in Beitbridge was nabbed for attempting to illegally move out of a State warehouse goods worth $6 million or US$8 483.


Nelson Chinguwa, 31, faces a charge of criminal abuse of office.

Chinguwa was arraigned before Beitbridge magistrate Annia Chiweta and was released on $30 000 bail. He is denying the charge.

According to State papers, on December 3, Chinguwa, of 103 Limpopo View went to Manica Transit Shed, which houses a State warehouse in contravention of his assigned duties.

He then tried to remove the goods in question, which had been seized on June 30 pending payment of $2, 7 million or US$4 241, 56 duty equivalent to a level seven fine for importing goods without a licence.

Chinguwa had taken the goods but was intercepted at the Malala Tollgate on the Beitbridge- Bulawayo Highway.

He is expected again in court on December 21 this year. Lawyer Jabulani Mzinyathi appeared for Chinguwa.


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    harper 7 months ago

    Now you know why the Beit Bridge Customs State warehouse burns down so frequently.

  • comment-avatar
    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 6 months ago

    We are in the modern days of prohibition comrades. The gangsters will be at each others throats for years to come – be it cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or gold or trafficked people.

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    citizen 6 months ago

    If $6 million is equal to usd$8483 then the rate of change is 707:1.