Devolution funds to benefit 700 Mvurwi traders

Source: Devolution funds to benefit 700 Mvurwi traders | Sunday Mail

Wallace Ruzvidzo

MVURWI, a farming town in Mashonaland Central, is set for a major facelift, with 700 small traders expected to benefit from the construction of an industrial site that will be bankrolled through funds provided under the national devolution programme.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, Mvurwi Town Secretary Dr Sheri Nyakudya said the town has been allocated $94 million from the devolution purse. 

“In 2021, we are expecting to receive a total of $93, 955 200, 00 which will be channelled towards various projects. One of the projects include construction of the Small and Medium Enterprises industrial site. The project will empower our local community, in particular, the youths.”

Another impending project of note is the construction of Rusununguko Polyclinic meant to ease the pressure on Mvurwi General Hospital, which is now a Covid-19 referral centre.

“Initially Rusununguko Clinic was constructed using the council’s own funds up to the wall plate and this was after realisation that Suoguru, a satellite clinic in the area no longer had the capacity to cater for the population within its catchment area,” Dr Nyakudya said.

There will also be an Information Communication Technology (ICT) upgrade to improve payment methods and reduce pressure at the town council revenue hall.

Part of the devolution funds will go towards purchasing road repair equipment to reduce costs of hiring the equipment.

The fast-growing town will also benefit from the completion of Kurai Sewer Stabilisation Ponds.

Mvurwi is also one of the cleanest towns in the country and Dr Nyakudya expects the devolution funds to help the town to further enhance its smart status.

 “The release of the devolution funds by central Government has helped Mvurwi Town Council to maintain its status of being one of the cleanest towns in the country by reducing environmental pollution. This will go a long way in improving the town’s health and hygiene,” said Dr Nyakudya.

The devolution programme, initiated by the Second Republic, is transforming lives across the country.

The Government is required, in terms of the Constitution, to direct at least five percent of the national budget towards devolution.