Disciplinary proceedings for 11 cops

Source: Disciplinary proceedings for 11 cops | Herald (Africa)

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Police have instituted disciplinary proceedings against a gang of 11 constables who were last week rounded up while trying to extort cash from a businessman in Borrowdale.

The 11, who came from different police stations in Harare, were arrested last Thursday, and criminal investigations are still in progress.

While criminal proceedings are still ongoing, police have preferred to concurrently institute disciplinary proceedings against the 11.

Sources on Monday told The Herald that the cases had been referred to the suspects’ respective stations for disciplinary action.

The 11 allegedly tried to extort money from a businessman they accused of illegally dealing in foreign currency and gold.

The suspects had their warned and cautioned statements recorded as part of the ongoing investigations.

One of the 11 was on suspension for misconduct, but had just been roped in to execute the plan.

The gang reportedly stormed the premises of Mr Vaya Sanjay Keshavji (48) in Borrowdale on Thursday afternoon last week, while driving two unregistered vehicles. Three of them were wearing riot police uniform, while eight others were in plain clothes.

They reportedly introduced themselves as officers from Harare Central Police Station’s operations section.

They allegedly indicated to Mr Keshavji that they had received information that he was illegally dealing in gold and foreign currency before demanding to see documentation authorising him to operate.

It is alleged that the businessman became suspicious and told the suspects to remain at the reception before going into his office where he alerted the police.

A reaction team comprising officers from the Criminal Investigations Department and Support Unit then swooped in and arrested the 11.