Don’t vote for ED, ex-deputy minister exhorts supporters

Source: Don't vote for ED, ex-deputy minister exhorts supporters | Daily News

HARARE – Former deputy minister and outgoing MP for Magunje Godfrey Gandawa has urged his supporters to vote for Nelson Chamisa and not President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The former Higher and Tertiary Education deputy minister said his family and supporters will not vote for Mnangagwa.

Gandawa was expelled from Zanu PF for dabbling in G40 factional politics and over his pending Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund corruption case.

As an independent candidate, he will face Zanu PF’s Cecil Kashiri, Tonderayi Kusemamuriwo (MDC Alliance) and Henry Madiro of Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity.

And in the clearest sign yet that the party is on the edge, once ruling party supporters sang and danced in Magunje over the weekend insisting they will vote for the opposition in the hugely anticipated July 30 polls.

“They wanted to scare me, even intimidate me. They wanted to kill me.

“But I am not afraid. I’m not scared. If you want you can vote for Mnangagwa. Vote for him.

“As for me he will never have my vote,” Gandawa said, before he erupted into song and dance as the hymn Zvikaramba Bhora Musango rang from supporters.

“Do you hear me,” he continued.

“If you want. If you want. Vote for him. But he will never get my vote. Never! He never stood by me. He threw me away. I will not give him my vote.

“Never! He never stood by me. I will never vote for him.

“The people who follow me, my relatives don’t give him your vote.

“There are a lot of people to vote for. Let me tell you,” he added

“Zvakaramba, Zvakaramba, Zvakaramba. (Everything failed). They removed my name from the primary election list. Zvakaramba ka,” he said before again bursting into song.

“They want to destroy development in Hurungwe. It won’t happen. If you can’t vote for Chamisa, if you can’t vote for Chamisa, there is Mai Mujuru,” he said as many chanted Chamisa.

This comes as Zanu PF is losing sleep over threats by its members to vote for the opposition in the forthcoming elections following controversial primary elections which have left the ruling party sharply divided.

The ruling party has tried to heal the rift by holding a two-day healing and reconciliation workshop in Harare where both Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga pleaded for unity among disgruntled candidates.