Dr Shumba returns disguised as UDA

Source: Dr Shumba returns disguised as UDA | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Norman Muchemwa
Former Zanu PF Central Committee member and legislator Dr Daniel Shumba, who has been in and out of the ruling party, returns to politics under a grouping of 22 candidates vying to take-over from President Mnangagwa.

Shumba who once formed the United People’s Party after being expelled from Zanu PF in 2004 is now the brains behind United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

He joins leaders who including United Democracy Movement Violet Mariyacha, Build Zimbabwe Alliance Dr Noah Manyika, Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru, Coalition of Democrats Elton Mangoma, MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa and New Patriotic Front Peter Munyanduri that are contesting Zanu PF for leadership post.

One of Dr Shumba’s major selling points is a promise to introduce basic income grants for all unemployed Zimbabweans. The 52-year-old, however, still leaves in denial by refusing to recognise the current political administration which has been said to be legitimate by the courts.

Dr Dr Shumba in an interview last week said: “UDA is obsessed with uplifting the lives of the people of Zimbabwe and in doing so, we have researched the best way of bringing solutions to problems affecting our population.

“What we intend to do is to introduce the basic income grant. This is a fund that we are proposing to set aside for payment to those who are poor, unemployed and are over the age of 18 years

“The basic income grant is going to be paid instead for us giving hand-outs such as food because it is our intention to preserve the dignity of families. We want families to step out of poverty.”

His government, said Dr Shumba, will maintain a strong stance against corruption.

Ironically Dr Shumba was castigated by his father, Cde Asaniel, in April for siding with G40 cabal whose corrupt activities had negatively affected investment and economic performance.

But Dr Shumba maintains that: “Corruption has become so widespread in our country to an extent that we are unable to function effectively and productively. Everybody, in some way, intends to corrupt someone in order to survive. The judiciary is no exception, the police is also no exception. We are going to deal decisively with this cancer.”

Dr Shumba also said his government would spearhead a new land redistribution exercise.

“We believe the land audit that was launched need to be empowered. There is need for a more critical analysis on all state land to ensure that it is distributed equitably among all citizens,” he said.

“What is important is that the government we are going to form is going to support emerging farmers with technical resources and financial resources in order for them to unlock important value from their respective farms.”

The UDA government, said Dr Shumba, proposes a new economic model for Zimbabwe which will encompass introduction of a gold backed currency to stabilise the economy.

UDA government, he said, will address issues affecting youths.

Dr Shumba said they will engage the youth in a holistic fashion, hear their views, concerns and find out what they want Zimbabwe to be like.

UDA has no candidates registered in its name contesting in the legislative or local authority seats.

Dr Shumba explains that; “Due to fear of purging from ZANU-PF, we registered some of our candidates as independent.”

President Mnangagwa is on record calling for political tolerance while maintaining the elections must be free, fair, credible, transparent and non-violent.