Economy on track: Envoy

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Prof Mbennah

Fungi Kwaramba Political Editor
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa will deliver Zimbabwe to the promised land because of his clear economic vision, his tough anti-corruption stance and his sound re-engagement drive, Tanzanian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Professor Emmanuel Mbennah has said.

In an interview with The Herald, Prof Mbennah, whose country recently became an upper middle class economy, said President Mnangagwa has laid a solid foundation that will make Zimbabwe the Jewel of Africa.

“I really commend President Mnangagwa for the works he is doing. He is focused on the progress of the country, obviously, the challenges are not few, but he is working very hard.

“Some things that I can identify with Tanzania is the ardent fight against corruption. It does not matter who it is. If anyone is found on the wrong side of the law, action is taken, people are arrested and taken to court and that is very much what Tanzania has done especially during the tenure of President Magufuli.”

Corruption, Prof Mbennah said, was a problem in many countries and President Mnangagwa was doing all he could to show his resolve in dealing with the scourge.

President Mnangagwa has vowed to stamp out the scourge of corruption that permeates all facets of life.

So far President Mnangagwa has relieved two of his Cabinet ministers of their duties after they were implicated in corrupt dealings.

Several former senior Government officials, who have been implicated in corruption are either serving or have cases pending before the country’s courts of law.

With the President sending the right signals that have won him global recognition, Prof Mbennah said it is incumbent upon the country’s populace, including those in the opposition to be united.

“My call to the people of Zimbabwe is to rally behind the President and support him because he means well for the country. He gives his best and success will come and we are already seeing the signs, but people of Zimbabwe including those in the opposition will have to support the President,” he said.

He decried the country’s opposition, which perpetually agitates for unrest and consorts with foreign nations to cause pain on Zimbabweans through imposition of illegal sanctions, saying they should instead focus on the country’s development.

“In Tanzania we have opposition parties, but it is very clear that people in the opposition consider Tanzania first. We may have different ideas and different ideologies, but we are here to give everything to the development of the country.

“My appeal to the people of Zimbabwe is build Zimbabwe, don’t pull it down, you don’t have another Zimbabwe. Building means building, you cannot be destroying one side and say you are building. There are a lot of things I see on social media that are destructive (and) will not take Zimbabwe forward.”

On patriotism, Prof Mbennah said it was obligatory for every Zimbabwean not to speak ill or his or her country. He said Zimbabwe was endowed with a highly-educated populace, hardworking and very intelligent.

“If the people put their heads together Zimbabwe will be a shining star not only in the region, but also internationally. My appeal to Zimbabwe is to keep working hard and for everyone to stand behind the President. The opposition should also contribute towards building Zimbabwe.

“We need to be wise in dealing with those who purport to be our friends. They are only friends because they want to benefit. There are so many good friends that Zimbabwe can count on and not those who are working against the Government,” said Prof Mbennah.

Despite the fact that the country’s opposition parties are throwing spanners, Ambassador Mbennah said the re-engagement drive was bearing fruit.

“The efforts of the Second Republic are very clear. Efforts of re-engagement are bearing fruits and most world nations are coming closer to Zimbabwe including the UK. The recent lifting of sanctions against some banks is also a good sign for Zimbabwe”.

Ambassador Mbennah said the John Deere farm mechanisation facility was an indicator of the positive outcome of the country’s re-engagement drive.


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    Nyoni 3 months ago

    Who are you fooling. After 40 years of brutal rule you come up with this. Have you walked to any suburb to see our people suffering, have you. Go home my friend and write another thesis on stupidity.

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 3 months ago

    Professor Emmanuel Mbennah-Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Biblical Studies.Graduate of North West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa. Comrades – this guy Emmanuel a Tanzanian who got his half baked PhD from above half baked university.
    It’s fools like this who are the leaders of Africa today and this is why Africa is going downhill fast.
    In 1980 Nyerere the President of Tanzania told Comrade Robert G “matibili” Mugabe that he was inheriting Rhodesia the jewel of Africa, Mugabe failed to listen. Maybe this biblical giant of Tanzania sholud read up on his history before opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it regarding jewels of Africa !?

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    Fallenz 3 months ago

    If Mnangagwa “means well for the country”, then let him begin returning the stolen booty he controls… otherwise, admit this Herald article is no more than boot licking.  More sickening than Covid-19, and more disgusting than… well, add your own description because ZimSit is too ethical to publish my thoughts.