ED mourns political murder victim

ED mourns political murder victim

ED mourns political murder victim

Source: ED mourns political murder victim | Daily News

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday consoled the Lumbe family following the abduction and murder of their two-year-old child Professor by suspected Zanu PF activists following his father Rambai’s defection to the Joice Mujuru-led opposition National People’s Party (NPP).

In a statement yesterday, Mnangagwa said the police must apprehend the murderers.

“I am shocked and appalled by the horrific murder of two-year old Professor Lumbe this weekend in Glendale. My sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with Professor’s parents, Rambai and Nomatter and the entire family in this difficult time,” Mnangagwa said in a statement.

“There can be no tolerance for such wanton acts of violence, let alone against children. We as a society must categorically reject all violence. I have instructed the police to investigate this heinous crime as a matter of urgency, to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

“As we approach the election, I call on all candidates, supporters and members of the public to be peaceful at all times, and to ensure that the values of love, unity and tolerance dominate our political and civic discourse,” Mnangagwa said.

The incident has raised fears of a repeat of the bloody 2008 presidential run-off election where over 200 opposition MDC supporters were killed and thousands others internally displaced by suspected State security agents and Zanu PF militia.


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    Ulreka 7 months ago

    A crocodile shedding tears! Really! Where are the tears for gukurahundi and 2008 election violence victims.

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    These seem to be humane words from ED. A bit of a departure from the heartless Mugabe’s approach. The idiot would either remain stone-silent or insult the murdered persons and their surviving relatives. However, we remain extremely wary knowing the kind of person spitting out those seeming humane words too. For all we know, Zimbabwe being Zimbabwe and zanu pf being zanu pf, the people who did it are already well known and if they haven’t been arrested by now then only one thing is certain: ED is paying leap service to peace & violence – those murderers are being protected by himself – for if ED really want police to act they will act & swiftly too. Some of us know that even in 2008 murders & other crimes committed by zanu pf thugs, when Mugabe later uttered statements to the effect that the criminals were supposed to be brought to book police immediately started rounding up the concerned zanu pf thugs because they knew them anyway. But only for Mugabe & Chihuri to turn around and order the police not to arrest any zanu pf thug – then police and the courts immediately stopped doing their job and allowed them to go scotfree.

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    Mpopota 7 months ago

    Crocodile tears from the crocodile.