ED worry over ‘gratuitous negativity’ around oil find

Source: ED worry over 'gratuitous negativity' around oil find | Daily News

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa has blasted the “gratuitous negativity” which followed his announcement that Australia’s Invictus Energy had found oil and gas deposits in the northern Muzarabani area of the country.

But in a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange, Invictus poured cold water on claims of an oil bonanza saying “an oil or gas discovery has not been made” but said there were indications of a “working petroleum system” which could only be confirmed by a planned exploration well.

Claiming that preliminary indications strongly pointed to a “good find” Mnangagwa said “elsewhere, indications half as bright as ours here would have been met with spontaneous outbursts of sustained national euphoria.”

“Not here where they are met with cynicism and derisive disbelief,” Mnangagwa said in his weekly column in the state media yesterday.

“We witnessed a determined effort to rubbish the findings; not on any given scientific grounds, but merely from visceral scepticism and an inexplicable propensity for

Mnangagwa added: “It is as if negativity and cynicism have become a new science and a powerful reflex in our country.” – Staff Writer


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    Ndonga 2 years ago

    ED you, and your old mad master, cheated us and lied to us so many, many times in the past.

    So why should you be angry, worried and frustrated when we do not believe you now?

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    “… and an inexplicable propensity for
    negativity.” – ED. Indeed “inexplicable …” really! Is this guy really kind of schizophrenic; or is he merely making big efforts to apply some dubious selective memory? Pane munhu anagakangamwa kuti gore riya vakatamba kongonya nyinya yeZimbabwe yose ikadengenyeka vachiti mafuta achayerera semvura munyika achibva muJatrofa. Did we see that fuel flowing as the had promised us? A few years down the line a whole cabinet kunosweropembere mugomo reChinhoyi while telling us kuti they had again discovered fuel coming out of some granite rocks. Nyika ikadengenyeka zvikare vachitamba kongonya – hanzi nhamo yeZim yemafuta yapera. Did we see that fuel? Now ED is saying things that are exactly along the same lines and he expects kuti vanhu vapembere as usual. Ari kutoshamisika kuti sei vanhu varega kupembere nhai veduwe! What does this say about such a president really – does he take people serious?

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    ED is a fool 100% let him go to hell ngaanorima uko haana chaanoziva fyl