Educational TV channels, radio stations on the cards

Source: Educational TV channels, radio stations on the cards | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Nokuthula Dube

THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is set to apply for television and radio broadcasting licences in an effort to ensure inclusive education for all learners in the country.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, the ministry’s communications and advocacy director, Mr Taungana Ndoro, said: “The Government is working to cater for each and every learner that is disabled as we are applying to have licences where schools can broadcast television and radio lessons across the country free of charge to all pupils who are visually impaired and hearing impaired.

“Currently, we do have lessons on radio and TV for those that are visually and hearing impaired but we are riding on other media outlets.

“These lessons would be simultaneously repeated so that those who might have missed the lessons can catch up. This move is not only going to benefit those with disabilities, but it will cover for each and every student so that they also benefit and they can communicate with those with disabilities.”

The Government, Mr Ndoro said, is providing sign language training to teachers to improve the quality of learning for those with hearing impairement.

“Sign language is one of the 16 official languages of this country. We are in the process of capacitating our teachers to deliver lessons in sign language and it will also benefit those who can hear to also learn sign language. It will enable them to speak to those who are hard of hearing.”

He said the Government is also working to ensure that specialised teachers are available at every school whilst enhancing the availability of Braille lessons for the visually impaired.


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