Few Attend Queen Elizabeth Memorial in Zimbabwe

Source: Few Attend Queen Elizabeth Memorial in Zimbabwe


HARARE (REUTERS) – Just a handful of mourners attended a memorial service for Queen Elizabeth in Zimbabwe’s capital on Thursday.

The death of the British monarch has stirred mixed feelings across Africa about the legacy of colonialism on the continent.

At the Anglican Church in Harare some congregants expressed fond memories for Zimbabwe’s former colonial ruler.

Elizabeth visited Zimbabwe in 1947 with her parents and again as queen in 1991, when she was hosted by former president Robert Mugabe.

At the time of her first visit Zimbabwe was a British-ruled colony with some autonomy – known as Southern Rhodesia and with a white minority government.

Outside the church some Zimbabweans, like Rownward Manzungu, said colonialism is inextricably linked with Elizabeth’s 70-year reign.

”I do not think it’s necessary to celebrate her life. In the past, she led the colonial era. It is painful that they took our land while we were left to suffer. We will never forget. When she died, I was indifferent. She was old so I guess it was now time.”

Langton Muza said he didn’t see the need for a memorial, and that it has no benefit for common Zimbabweans.

The southern African country left the Commonwealth network of mostly former territories of the British Empire in 2003.

That was after Mugabe came under criticism over disputed elections and the seizures of land from white farmers.

In 2008 Elizabeth stripped Mugabe of the honorary knighthood she had awarded him in 1994 – citing the abuse of human rights and disregard for the democratic process.


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    Antelopemine. 3 months ago

    Actually, it is probably more accurate to attribute the negatives of “colonialism” to the era of Queen Victoria’s reign and of course other European powers of the 19th century and before. Since WW 2, the British monarch (late Queen) would seem to have presided over a gradual disassembly of British Colonial influence around the world – and especially in Africa. Happily we now have our own self anointed “monarchs” imposing control and exploitation on our newly liberated subservient masses. God save our King- (Ed?).

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    Ndonga 3 months ago

    Well, when I compare Queen Elizabeth to our own Ed, Ed comes a very late second. At least she tried to do good for all and he tries to make for himself and his own. That is why Zimbabwe is on the steep downward slope it is on.

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    Colonization did not happen during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. It happened during the reign of Queen Victoria. So don’t blame Queen Elizabeth for colonialism. India became independent from British Rule in 1947, when her father was King. The remaining former colonies gained independence after she became Queen in 1952. Ghana was the first African country to become independent in 1956. Let’s look at what Zimbabwe has become since gaining independence in 1980. What a mess. ZANUPF elites have become rich from looting the country’s resources. The citizenry have become paupers. The infrastructure, ie, roads have more potholes than tarmac on them, the buildings are decaying, burst water pipes everywhere. I saw uncollected garbage strewn on the streets, Zimbabwe has become one huge dumpster site. Power cuts and water cuts are the order of the day. I was visiting Zimbabwe until two ago, and from what I observed, the rot and decay is going to continue unabated. ED is afraid of the Zimbabwean citizens, he flies in a helicopter to get to his “workplace.” Queen Elizabeth was a kind, gentle and humble person who loved her people and her country, and devoted her life in service for both. Queen Elizabeth respected the opinions of her citizens, she didn’t murder them. ED on the other on the
    other hand, is a self-serving cretin, who is fearful of his people and thinks that by being autocratic, and intolerant of differing opinions, the people will “love” him. Well ED , reality check, most of us don’t like or love you. Remember, the people danced in the streets when you had mugabe ousted from power. We will dance in the streets when the same thing happens to you. I was in the UK when the Queen’s death was announced and witnessed the sadness the news of her death was received by the majority of her people. When you die ED, I will celebrate with a glass of champagne, just like I did when mugabe was ousted from power and when he died. You will be no loss. Queen Elizabeth’s death was a loss. ED you live in obscene luxury, while the people of Zimbabwe wallow in abject poverty. Shame on you!!!