Four car thieves nabbed

Source: Four car thieves nabbed | Herald (Africa)

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Police arrested four carjackers from Mufakose after they stole a car at a traffic intersection in Warren Park along the Harare-Bulawayo Road.

Admire Kawimbi (47), Dreka Felix Katena Mundika (60), Fullton Tom Chibvongodze (38) and Calisto Bisent (41), all from Mufakose in Harare, allegedly blocked an unsuspecting motorist and pretended to be policemen before forcing themselves into the car.

Acting Criminal Investigation Department (CID) spokesperson, Detective Assistant Inspector Rachael Muteweri confirmed the arrests yesterday.

She said the suspects were arrested by detectives from the CID Vehicle Theft Squad in Harare, who were making a follow-up on a robbery of a motor vehicle which occurred at the traffic controlled intersection in Warren Park.

“On 31 August 2020, the quartet hatched a plan to rob an unsuspecting motorist.

“They waylaid their prey and as the complainant was driving past Warren Park robot along Bulawayo Road, the suspects overtook and blocked the complainant forcing him to stop.

“Two of the suspects, armed with a pistol, disembarked from their vehicle and accused the complainant of having committed a serious traffic offence and that they wanted to take him to the police station.

“The suspects threatened the complainant before forcing themselves into his vehicle.

“They took charge of the vehicle, drove to Kuwadzana where they later on dumped the complainant and drove away with cash and other valuables,” said Det Asst Insp Muteweri.

Investigations carried out led to the arrest of one of the suspects and the recovery of the vehicle.

He then implicated his accomplices who were later on arrested.