Free medical cover for town clerks wives

Source: Free medical cover for town clerks wives | Sunday News (local news)

Sharon Chimenya, Masvingo Correspondent 

MASVINGO City Council has approved the provision of a 100 percent medical aid cover to the spouses of retired town clerks.

The previous condition only catered for 100 percent medical aid cover for the former Town Clerks Mr Tsunga Mhangami and Mr Adolf Gusha but did not take care of their spouses.

According to the report of the Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa in the Finance and General Purpose Committee, consideration was given on the request to include spouses of two former town clerks on council’s full medical aid cover.

Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa

It was reported that the current conditions of service for the town clerk provided 100 percent medical aid cover for town clerk and spouse when in service and on retirement from service.

“The previous conditions of services only provided for 100 percent medical aid cover for town clerk only thereby excluding the spouse thus an appeal was being made to council to include the spouse of the two surviving retired town clerk on 100 percent medical aid cover.”

Meanwhile, the former Masvingo city Engineer Tawanda Gozo has requested for the review of the price of his official vehicle from US$12 800 to US$3 840 saying that price defeats the purpose of rewarding the council employee.

“It was reported that an offer was made to  Mr Gozo on 28 March 2022 to purchase the vehicle at US$12 800 which was the book value according to the latest valuation carried out by the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works. In terms value of zero at the end of the five-year life span. 

Mr Gozo had argued that the price was of council policy vehicles are depreciated on a straight-line basis and hence were a bit too steep and would defeat the idea behind incentivising a user of a condition of service vehicle.”

It was reported that the in his acceptance letter, Mr Gozo had requested council to review the price to 30 percent of the revalued amount being US$3 840 highlighting that the offer price was too high and would defeat the intended purpose of the policy to reward the beneficiary for taking good care of the council vehicle.