‘Freezing’ temperatures to hit Zim

Source: ‘Freezing’ temperatures to hit Zim | Sunday Mail (Local News)

Belindah Mutayiwa

Zimbabweans face an extremely cold winter as weather experts are predicting freezing point temperatures in some places in the country.

The Sunday Mail has gathered that areas such as Matobo in Matabeleland South province have since recorded low temperatures around 4 degrees Celsius. According to the Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe (MSD), a cold front has started sweeping across the country, triggering low temperatures.

MSD meteorologist Mr James Ngoma said temperatures were, beginning this week, expected to drop further.

“As we get towards the end of May, it is cool in the morning, though locally cold, with minimum temperatures ranging between 5°C and 12°C,” he said.

“The areas which have so far recorded the lowest temperatures are Nyanga, Marondera, Chivhu, Henderson and Gweru, while Matobo had moderate ground frost a fortnight ago.

“June is when we normally have lower temperatures with minimums of  between 0°C and 5°C and ground frost being more pronounced in the most prone areas such as Nyanga, Marondera, Chivhu, Henderson, Gweru and Matobo.”

In a separate interview, MSD agricultural meteorologist Ms Tamburiro Pasipangodya urged farmers to protect their livestock and crops against the cold weather.

“Frost protection awareness programmes, for the horticulture industry, should commence as soon as possible,” she said.

The anticipated low temperatures are attributed to the shift in weather patterns as a result of climate change effects that have brought rains, wind and high temperatures in various parts of the world.