Govt beefs up security at quarantine centres

Source: Govt beefs up security at quarantine centres | Newsday (News)

GOVERNEMNT is in the process of beefing security at the quarantine centres housing many returnees to curb the spread of COVID 19 to curtail incidences of absconding.


This followed the increase in the number of returnees fleeing quarantine centres before being tested for COVID-19 at a time the numbers of infections are surging, most of them coming from the centres.

“A total of 10 quarantine centres have been identified, one in each province, for use by returning ex-convicts and people of a violent disposition,” part of the Cabinet matrix released yesterday read.

“Improvements are being made to the centres in order for them to meet the requisite security standards.

“Law enforcement agents are also in the process of beefing up security at the centres in order to curtail incidents of absconding.”

Returnees have been protesting against the conditions in the centres, which they claim exposed them to contracting the virus.

But government yesterday said that cases were being identified in the quarantine centres means the approach was effective in curbing the spread of the virus by holding them before they mix with the rest of the population.

Cabinet also resolved to free schools as quarantine centres saying alternative centres, mostly vocational training institutions with a capacity to accommodate 2 636 people, have been identified throughout the provinces.

“All schools currently being used as quarantine centres are expected to be vacated by June 9, 2020. Hotels and lodges to accommodate returnees who can self-finance during the quarantine period have also been identified,” the Cabinet minutes read.

Examination writing classes would be required back at school and return home as soon as they finish their examinations while government maps strategies to allow the rest of the pupils back.

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    citizen 5 months ago

    It’s time to let returnees isolate in their own homes. Other countries with more cases than us do.