Govt charging foreigners in USD

Source: Govt charging foreigners in USD | Daily News

HARARE – Government has resorted to charging United States dollars for the payment for all goods and services paid by foreigners at selected Zimbabwe’s Parks & Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) recreation facilities.

This is despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa defiantly insisting that the United States dollar and the bond note remains at par.

Mnangagwa is on record insisting “those who want to use their money can change their money at whatever level but formally and officially it remains one to one.”

However, government departments which he oversees as the head of State are singing from a different hymn book.

In a letter to Lake Kariba boat operators, dated October 29, 2018, ZimParks announced that payment for lake entry fees, park entry fees and fishing permits offered by the authority must be paid in foreign currency.

The letter headlined “payment in foreign currency by tour and boat operators” foreign clients should produce identification on revenue collection points before being offered a service.

“…all our foreign clients must with immediate effect pay for goods and services offered by the Parks Authority in foreign currency without exception,” the letter reads.

“You are further advised that all your foreign clients are to produce positive identification in the form of a passport to a parks employee on our revenue collection points for verification of identity.”

ZimParks added that those caught on the wrong side of the directive would face serious consequences.

“No boat is allowed to leave the harbour before verification of clients on board by a parks employee and violation of the above will attract heavy fines on the part of the offenders. Please be guided accordingly,” the letter further read.

To facilitate the payment in foreign currency, ZimParks have opened a foreign currency account to receive such payments from operators and booking agents.

“In line with the monetary policy statement announced by the Reserve Bank Governor on October 1, 2018 and the subsequent Exchange Control directive RT120/2018 dated 4 October 2018, we are pleased to notify you that we have opened the Nostro FCA- Domestic Account,” the letter reads.

This comes as government has warned retailers against pegging prices in US dollar, although Cabinet ministers among them Industry and Commerce deputy minister Raj Modi, have pegged some the prices in their retail shops in the scarce US dollar.


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    My credit card is swiped in London for 100 USDollars to go to my sister in Harare. In Harare she is given 100 bond notes – this is pure theft as one of the local banks receive my 100 USD.
    This is why ZW will not progress as we have too many of these dirty deals that are ongoing – it must stop comrades. Nobody trusts us these days – much like the Nigerians who are Africa’s biggest criminals

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    Dave Wood 2 years ago

    You are wrong there re the Nigerians being the biggest criminals, Zimbabweans are far worse and have proved beyond doubt that once they stole the farms anything else belonging to white folk will be up for grabs. Look at them now they are going for the houseboats on Kariba knowing full well that 99% of them are owned by whites and 99% of the clients are white, the vast majority being locals. You are digging such a deep hole for yourselves that there’s no way you’ll ever be able to climb iut of it, that is of course if the white farmers went back to their farms. If they did that the entire economy would be fully functional within three years of them doing so. Unfortunately the truth always hurts!!!

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    Cynical 2 years ago

    Someone from National Parks, or the relevant Minister is going to become very wealthy by swapping all $ US collected, using his swipe card to pay National Parks and then pocket the forex !!!!!

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    Dos Santos 2 years ago

    leave Nigerians out of your self inflicted mess and corrupt government practices. Call a spade a spade. Your government is corrupt and ineffective. It still controlled by a bunch of ZANUPF thugs that cannot tell their ass from their face.