Govt insincere on corruption

Source: Govt insincere on corruption | Daily News

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is insincere when dealing with corruption, Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) president Nkosana Moyo has said.

This comes after government’s fight against corruption of bigwigs which had gathered momentum saliently died a natural death with no convictions.

In a live video posted on social media, Moyo alleged that the country is failing to move on because government is play-acting on curbing corruption.

“We are hoodwinking each other and telling lies, and we are not fighting corruption. I suspect most of the people who are running Zimbabwe today have committed crimes of corruption, almost all of them, so when they say they are going to go for corrupt people when they themselves know they are corrupt, how are they going to be credible in doing this?”

According to analysts, the recent case of corruption by some Cabinet ministers who were allegedly demanding bribes from investors, evidences traits of corruption in the system.

Moyo alluded that government is failing to convict bigwigs who are in dog-eat-dog cycles of corruption, hence they fail to expose each other.

“If they say however, everybody is forgiven and we restart it would also give them a get-out-of-jail card and we would genuinely begin to believe them by looking at what they do.

“They can’t move on because they have not created a framework which allows them to move on and all corrupt friends look at them in love.

“The price for us as a country is much less than the price we continue to pay because we can’t deal with corruption using the framework that we have created,” said Moyo.

Zimbabwe is believed to have lost billions of dollars to corruption in recent years.


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    Chihota 2 years ago

    Dr. Nkosana Motorcycle praised the EDiot whilst denigrating Nelson Chamisa. I hope now he is wishing he could swallow back his words