Govt tackles employer, worker relations

Source: Govt tackles employer, worker relations | Sunday Mail (Business)

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GOVERNMENT is confident that the balance between business viability and employee welfare would be achieved on the back of robust measures announced in the recent Monetary Policy Statement (MPS).

In a speech read on her behalf by Mr Francis Mafuratidze while officially opening the Employers’ Confederation of Zimbabwe (Emcoz) 2019 human resources indaba, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Dr Sekai Nzenza said it was of “paramount importance” that employers temper their interests with those of their employees.

“I say this mindful of the need to provide decent work for our workers, whilst also protecting their jobs and ensuring the sustainability of enterprises,” said Dr Nzenza.

“It is acknowledged that the leader of today is faced with an enormous task of balancing employee welfare on the one hand, and business viability on the other.

“However, given the policy framework that we have put in place as Government, I am confident that these challenges are surmountable.”

The MPS, she said, “clearly” provides measures aimed at addressing the operational challenges bedevilling employers.

The successful implementation of the monetary policy would bring “certainty, predictability and functionality” to the economy, a move that will have a positive impact on the welfare of employees, she added.

Dr Nzenza said while the Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF), which brings together Government, business and employees, has witnessed commendable in the past, a lot still needs to be done.

“Whilst we have scored some success, I believe that more work needs to be done to ensure that we realise our full potential.

“Equally important is the unity of purpose that has brought and kept us together in spite of our differences.

“I am optimistic that as we continue to engage each other, we do so with a more focused vision, and not renege on our respective commitments,” said Dr Nzenza, who is the chairperson TNF.

The legislation of the TNF is currently before Parliament.

Government recently had an interactive session with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Labour and Social Welfare and the Senate Thematic Committee on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where parties agreed to expeditiously push for the promulgation of the TNF Act.

Dr Nzenza encouraged business to remain committed to dialogue as a platform to hammer win-win solutions.

The Emcoz human resources indaba ran under the theme “The leadership challenge in managing employee welfare”.