Gweru water pumps break down

Source: Gweru water pumps break down | Newsday (News)


GWERU city has run dry amid reports that two electric motors developed faults, leaving most residential areas without water.

Residents have since resorted to borehole water.

In a statement on Monday, council said its pumping capacity had been greatly reduced as a result of the fault.

The council said it would soon be tightening its water-rationing programme.

“We are currently facing serious water supply challenges to the city,” the council said.

“We have lost two electric motors due to under (sic) voltage and power outages at Gwenoro Waterworks. We are, therefore, pumping 25 megalitres instead of the usual 35 megalitres. There will be interruption on both sides of demand and supply.

“This calls for re-arrangement of the current water schedule to be spread bi-weekly from the published weekly programme.”

The local authority said it was working on a new water-rationing schedule.

“In the meantime, the faulty motor has been sent for repairs and is expected to be functioning in four to six weeks.”

Over the years, Gweru’s water problems have been worsened by power interruptions as well as obsolete pumps and pipes that have not been replaced for decades.

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