Harare-Beitbridge model to serve as major road works template

Source: Harare-Beitbridge model to serve as major road works template | Herald (Top Stories)

Minister Matiza

Fungai Lupande Mash Central Bureau
Government is considering applying the Harare-Beitbridge model to all major roads including Mvurwi-Guruve-Angwa-Kanyemba road to expedite its completion, which is critical to development  in Kanyemba.

The Harare-Beitbridge model is premised on allocating different contractors 20km stretches each to work on at a given time, with the contractors being allocated additional sections to work on depending on the kind of work they would have done.

Speaking during a tour of the completed 7km stretch from Mahuhwe to Kanyemba, Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Cde Joel Biggie Matiza said Government had availed $30 million for the road and more funds are expected to be allocated in the national budget.

He said Government is looking at engaging more contractors to work on the Mvurwi-Guruve-Angwa-Kanyemba to ensure competitiveness and expedite its completion within the next four years.

Cde Matiza commended CMED for providing construction equipment to provinces, a move that is making road construction easier since tender processes were taking long.

He revealed that CMED is soon venturing into road construction.

“I am happy that work is going on despite limited resources. Mvurwi-Guruve-Angwa-Kanyemba road is one of the roads that have economic value in the country. It is important that road matches the development happening in Kanyemba,” he said.

“Bridges along the road need to conform to the type of the road. We have a sophisticated road network compared to other African countries.

Sanctions and natural disasters had stalled progress in road upgrading but President Mnangagwa is making concerted effort to ensure that all roads are trafficable.”

He said Government is prioritising the construction of the Bindura-Matepatepa Road.

Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs and Devolution Senator Monica Mavhunga said the Harare-Beitbridge approach would ensure that Mvurwi-Guruve-Angwa-Kanyemba road construction is expedited.

“Allow various companies to participate so that the road is completed earlier. The development of Kanyemba is now the centre of attraction in the province as Government moves to establish a town along the Zambezi water front,” she said.

“Kanyemba is set to boost the gross domestic product of the province as we strengthen the devolution agenda. In Kanyemba the landing bay is complete.

“Mvurwi-Guruve-Angwa-Kanyemba road is critical for development in Kanyemba. There is need for continuous monitoring. So far 7 kilometres from Mahuhwe to Kanyemba has been completed”.

Sen Mavhunga appealed for the speedy completion of the Bindura-Matepatepa road where the majority of farms are located.

“Bindura-Matepatepa road is critical to the agriculture production of the province because most farmers produce throughout the year. The road is in bad state and is affecting their projects,” she said.