Harare launches 5-year plan

Source: Harare launches 5-year plan | Herald (Top Stories)

Cde Chidawu

Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Reporter

Harare Metropolitan province has completed the crafting of its five-year plan which directly feeds into the National Development Strategy 1 at a time basic service delivery has been deteriorating under the watch of incompetent and corrupt council officials.

Speaking during a workshop to finalise the Harare Provincial Economic Development Plan (PEDP 1), Harare Metropolitan Minister of State and Devolution Affairs Oliver Chidawu said councillors should justify their existence in office.

“You can’t collect garbage; you can’t supply water? You then cease your purpose of being there. Be serious! If you can’t meet those basics which, form the reason why citizens voted for you, challenge and tell yourself that your usefulness has expired.

“You can’t live without water. It is basic. If you look at the level of dilapidation of infrastructure across Harare, you will be shocked. The five-year plan should cease to be just a talk show. Resolutions passed should be implemented,” said Minister Chidawu.

Harare Provincial Development Coordinator Mr Tafadzwa Muguti said this was the final leg workshop for the provincial development economic planning where they will set up thematic working groups which will be chaired by Government and the private sector.

“We now have our final blueprint and it has been a hectic past few months. We have finally completed the document and soon, our leaders be will be announcing it to the public.

“The five-year plan is an extract of the priority areas that have been identified by the NDS 1. Within NDS 1, is the bedrock of vision 2030 which is broken down into three areas.” said Mr Muguti.