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Harare to double service delivery

Source: Harare to double service delivery | Daily News

Harare City Council has set a target of increasing service delivery to 75 percent by 2020, town clerk Hosiah Chisango said at the city’s service delivery benchmark workshop yesterday.

“As a city we are particularly focused on ensuring that we provide first class service delivery and this is clearly articulated in our goals. We want to improve rideability on 50 percent of city roads, that is, 2 250km from the current roughness index. We also want to increase access to potable water from the current 40 to 75 percent,” Chisango said.

“Council also wants to reduce environmental pollution levels from the current 83 percent to 50 percent, ensure that council laws and regulations are up to date and cover 100 percent of all council activities and to increase stakeholder engagement from the current 55 percent to 70 percent by December 2020.

“For us to be able to attain vision 2025 and contribute to vision 2030, we should be providing seamless services, potable water, efficient waste water management services, effective solid waste management services well lit streets and have  pothole free trafficable roads,” the town clerk said.