High Court bars Marry from accessing children, property

Source: High Court bars Marry from accessing children, property | Newsday (News)


A HIGH COURT judge yesterday barred Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry, from having access to the couple’s three minor children, saying her request lacked weight.

Marry, who has since relocated to her parents’ home, had approached the High Court seeking access to the children and the couple’s Borrowdale Brooke matrimonial home, while awaiting hearing of an appeal filed by her husband at the Supreme Court.

Chiwenga appealed to the apex court after Justice Christopher Dube-Banda ruled that Marry should have access to her minor children, matrimonial home and personal property.

Justice Dube-Banda had ruled that Chiwenga had no authority to bar her from living at the Borrowdale Brooke home without a court order.

But Justice Owen Tagu yesterday barred Marry from returning to the Borrowdale Brooke home and to have access to the children, saying her request lacked weight.

“The application for leave to execute pending appeal is, hereby, dismissed. The order (Dube-Banda’s) will not be operational until the case is heard,” the judge said before he ordered Marry to settle the costs of the suit.

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    Cynical 1 year ago

    Not that I have any sympathy for her whatsoever,she also used the system to enrich herself, but this is fine evidence of a law system that has been captured by zanu-pf.

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      EQUALLITY 1 year ago

      It is important to respect the courts when they are for or against you without throwing political aspersions. The learned judge clearly said because Mary has an attempted murder charge against her, clearly arising from opportunistic access to the VP, it is imprudent to allow her to live with the VP at the same residence. Also, we must acknowledge that the house belongs to the VP, it is brazen arrogance for Mary to want to use protection reserved for vulnerable woman by courts to advance her malicious interests of going back to a house after such verbal attacks to her husband. When a woman abuses her husband in such manner, she can not manipulate the legal system to force a man to provide the shelter and security afforded to a good loving wife.
      The rights of women are being abused by aggressive, arrogant woman who are paid Lobola for and start behaving like vipers once they get a marriage certificate using it as a diplomatic passport to get whatever they want during marriage and at divorce, sometimes even causing the divorce. It’s time our courts see through this, that equal rights does not mean stepping on men but being equal partners in all manner and form and not using marriage certificates and matrimony to advance commercial interests. Men are even being killed by woman to gain wealth via living spouse protection. Our courts must protect women from abusive men, but equally men must be protected from gold diggers or woman who use children to advance material gain via Mantanance. It must not be automatic that a mother gets custody to minor children were a father is contesting custody, equal treatment must be accorded before the law. I therefore agree with the VP on this matter 100% because he did not abuse Mary according to the papers, Mary is denigrating her husband’s sexual prowess in court filings, the courts must reign her inn lest she becomes and example for others would be like her.