How the election in Zimbabwe was rigged

More details on how the rigging was done

Posted by Gerry Jackson on Saturday, August 3, 2013  SW Radio Africa

More details continue to be received that provide analysis of how Wednesday’s election was rigged.

It’s already well known that the voters roll contains at least 1 million dead voters and there are a large amount of voters who are now living in the Diaspora.

There are over 350,000 people who are over 85 years old and 109,000 over one hundred years old. An impossibility in a country with an average life expectancy of 50.

Additionally 838,000 duplicate names have been found: same name, same address, same date of birth, different ID numbers. All the ID’s checked were genuine and had been issued by the Registrar General.

500,000 people had been moved out of their residential areas to other electoral districts, 45,000 people had their ID numbers changed without their consent.

Reports received also say ZANU PF moved hundreds of thousands of people into strategic areas ahead of the poll. A million people were settled on farms taken away from their owners in peri urban areas. ZANU PF then opened offices there and “sold” or gave small plots of land to homeless people in the crowded towns. These people were then told that they were there courtesy of ZANU PF and were expected to vote for the party. They were threatened with eviction if they didn’t.

We can expect more to be revealed as information is gathered and collated.

One newspaper in the UK has described this election as ‘a masterclass in electoral fraud.’

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