Hwange housing project takes off

Source: Hwange housing project takes off | The Standard (Local News)


The servicing of residential stands in Hwange’s Empumalanga West low cost housing project has finally started after the government engaged Bulawayo-based Asphalt Products to construct roads in the area.

Hwange Local Board public relations officer Dumisani Nsingo said other contractors for installation of water and sewer reticulation infrastructure are expected to be on site soon.

“The project was handed over to the government, so the government is funding the servicing of the stands,” he said.

Greater Hwange Resident Trust coordinator Fidelis Chima welcomed the development which offered hope to residents.

“Remember there are residents of Empumalanga West, who had bought building materials such as cement and paint some decades ago and such materials had expiry periods,” Chima said.

“Some died before constructing their houses simply because Hwange local board was refusing them permission to build because the place is not serviced.”

Last month Hwange town engineer Philip Nguni said the installation of a water reticulation system at part of Empumalanga housing stands stood at 60% complete.

He said the local authority recorded significant strides towards completing the installation of water and sewer reticulation systems at Empumalanga Phase Four housing project.

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