I think Zimbabweans will say enough is enough now | Sokwanele


Zimbabweans have matured and are no longer afraid of being intimidated.

Yesterday I was in Budiriro 5’s Ngungunyani housing cooperative.  The residents refused to bow to attempts by Zanu Pf militia to write down the serial numbers of their ballots.

“We told them that we are not going to do that. They wanted to use the stands allocated in the housing cooperatives as a trump card to get support for their party President Robert Mugabe.”

“We told them the time has passed that they could manipulate us. We are not their people”, said the residents while at a polling station at Budiriro.

“What I can tell you is that I am not going to be intimidated. I know my rights as a citizen and my vote is my secret”, said James.

“I will vote and see what comes after, enough is enough and if they beat me up I will retaliate”, a young first time voter vowed.

The voting process ended with no political violence reported, signalling that the intimidation meant to discourage the residents from voting for the MDC-T did not work.

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