International Community must reject fraudulent election in Zimbabwe

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August 2, 2013

International Community must reject fraudulent election in Zimbabwe

“The emerging victory call by Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF following Wednesday’s national elections spells disaster for the people of Zimbabwe and needs to be soundly rejected by the international community,” said Peter Murphy from the Sydney-based Zimbabwe Information Centre.

“This outcome was widely feared because the election was a unilateral initiative of ZANU-PF. It mocks the great public expectation, expressed in huge MDC rallies in the last two weeks, for democratic change for Zimbabwe,” said Mr Murphy.

The fraud was blatant and enormous in scale:

  • The Voters Roll was deeply flawed with huge numbers of very old people, compared to younger people, and thousands disenfranchised because they could not get registered
  • The Voters Roll was illegally provided to the public only hours before the voting began. No proper inspection of the voters’ roll to verify authenticity
  • Voters found themselves registered in wards far from where they lived, leading to almost 40% voters being turned away and disenfranchised
  • Voters bussed into urban constituencies to vote eg Harare South, Epworth, allowed to vote by providing voter registration slips when they were not on the Voters Roll
  • Unaccounted for voters especially in farming areas.

“We are hoping that the Southern Africa Development Community and the African Union Observer Missions will call this fraudulent election for what it is, and we call on the Australian Government to reject this election as not ‘free and fair’. The Australian Government should use its international credibility as a major donor to Zimbabwe to build international support for the revival of a democratic transition for Zimbabwe,” said Peter Murphy.

The ZIC is very disturbed by reports from Harare that overnight police have raided homes of MDC activists without warrant, and that police have surrounded the MDC headquarters at Harvest House in Harare.

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