Invest in machinery: artisanal miners urged

Source: Invest in machinery: artisanal miners urged | Sunday Mail (Business)

Tendai Chara

AN organisation which advocates the maximum utilisation of the country’s natural resources has called upon artisanal miners to desist from squandering the money they would have realised and instead use it to buy machinery.

The call was made by Paulus Emias Nyathi, a miner and mining researcher who is also the president of Serious Monitoring All Resources Together (SMART).

Nyathi made the call after SMART acquired, from Germany, a technologically advanced gold hunting device.

The machine, the Gold Hunter GR 1000 five series, has the capacity to locate, not only gold but other precious minerals such as diamonds, silver, copper and even hidden treasures.

The machine can also detect precious minerals in all soil types as opposed to other machines which can only function in certain soil types.

“I am saying, it is high time artisanal miners stop digging anywhere and everywhere in search of gold. Instead, they must invest in machinery such as this one which locates the exact spot where the gold will be located and the quantities involved,” Nyathi said.

Nyathi said most artisanal miners are capable of acquiring such a machine.

“The problem with artisanal miners is that the majority of them spend their money on beer, cars and women. If a miner gets 350 grammes of gold for example, that miner can be able to buy such a device as this one. Our miners have misplaced priorities,” added Nyathi.