It is prudent we all remain calm

Source: It is prudent we all remain calm | Daily News

HARARE – While the whole world has congratulated Zimbabwe for holding a peaceful election, the post-election period should be guarded jealously.

We have said it before and we are going to say it now; any election will only produce one winner and that is the reality.

In the same spirit, while there were 23 presidential candidates, only one can be declared the overall winner.  There were hundreds of candidates from different political parties who contested for Parliament and council seats; but not all of them managed to win.

It is in the spirit of democracy that we must accept defeat and congratulate those who would have won. And we have already witnessed this oneness as losing candidates wish the eventual winners the best in the work ahead.

As Zimbabweans, our hope is that the transition will be done legally and peacefully.

All political parties and candidates with grievances should approach the courts for redress as there are special courts earmarked for this.

It is disturbing, however, that there are some activists who were already marching, protesting on the streets of Harare and declaring “war” over the announcement of results.

Political party leaders should restrain their members so that they abide by the law. Losing an election is no licence to criminology and violence which, in fact, is not only barbaric but also primitive.

It is also not advisable for losing candidates to try and test our security sector, by gathering and marching without any clearance. Such lawlessness has no place in Zimbabwe.

All perpetrators of politically-motivated violence must be dealt with before it spills out of hand.

The time has come for Zimbabweans to put our political differences aside and start rebuilding our country.

We cannot afford to waste time fighting each other when the real enemy is the myriad of problems facing the country.

Our peaceful post-election conduct has the potential to spur the nation as several influential investors are waiting in the wings; but they first want this election to be declared free, fair and peaceful before they jump in.

The worst scenario after all these months of calm before and during the elections is for some misdirected political activists to raid the CBD and try to ignite chaos.
Losing candidates must remember that there will be more elections in the future.

The winning candidates must work for the people who voted them in.