JUST IN: Biti recalled from Parliament

Source: JUST IN: Biti recalled from Parliament | The Herald

JUST IN: Biti recalled from Parliament
Tendai Biti

Herald Reporter
PDP secretary general Mr Benjamin Rukanda has written to Parliament recalling Tendai Biti MP of Harare East, William Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Nhlahla Pulu (Nkulumane), Sichelesile Mahlangu (Pumula) and Regai Tsunga (Mutasa South).

Speaker of Parliament Advocate Jacob Mudenda read the letter from Mr Rukanda announcing the recall this afternoon in Parliament.


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    Kalulu 2 years ago

    I remember laughing uncontrollably at what the last White Rhodesian leader Ian Smith said and I quote “It will take a thousand years for black people to rule this country”.

    I now tend to agree with him taking into account the backward steps the regime in this country has taken us. I now believe that Ian Smith meant to say that black people were uncivilised and that it will take them a thousand years to be civilised.

    Who can argue with that given the prevailing situation in our country where an Honourable member of parliament who contested an election under the banner of a different official political party can be easily recalled by a representative of a another political party which contested in the same election under a totally different political party and banner and lost heavily, has the audacity to recall a member of parliament voted in legally by constituents and a Court of Law and An Honourable Speaker of the House of Assembly accepts that without raising an eyebrow.

    It is equally mind boggling to consider the speed of recalling legitimate members of parliament soon after an announcement by a supposedly captured High Court Judge and an equally captured Speaker of parliament without giving time for an appeal by the victims.

    Surely this country has gone to the dogs, what else can I say!!!

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      Fallenz 2 years ago

      There can be no argument that ZW is one-party, Communist-ruled.  Having elections means absolutely NOTHING… NK, Russia, China, Venezuela, etc. have “elections”.  The only people who are allowed to live well are the leaders and their cartel… who do extraordinarily well.  They view it as their right, as well as the population having the (forced) “right” to support their opulence.  My, oh my… how far has this nation fallen.  It is the very definition of “Failed State”.

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      Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 2 years ago

      ZW is one ongoing comedy show comrades. Or it can be described as a place where everyday is April Fools Day – soon we might be told that we will only have to work on Saturday and Sunday with Monday to Friday being days off. It will be optional on which side of the road you might wish to drive on. Possibly only red and white cars on Monday and then Tuesday blue and orange and so on and so forth