Let there be peace after elections

Source: Let there be peace after elections | Daily News

HARARE – After Monday’s crucial harmonised elections there will be joy for the winners and despair for the loser; such is the nature of any contest.

The most important thing is for Zimbabweans to remain calm after the election as we eagerly await the announcement of the final results.

While we can add results from various poll stations across the country, it would be unwise for anyone of us, apart from Zimbabwe Election Commission (Zec) to announce any of the tallying results.

And Zec has up to five days after Monday to have announced the election results and it is my humble hope that the commission will do so timely otherwise any delays will result in chaos and violence as expecting voters vent their anger at the delay.

Zimbabweans are peace-loving people as shown by the way they have kept their cool this campaign season and it is everyone’s wish that this continues, especially after results are announced.

This election has seen the setting up of special courts to deal with any disputes and complaints that may arise from the poll and as such we hope all those aggrieved will take the legal route.

This election is historic in that it is not only about who becomes the next president, it is also about who becomes the next local councillor or parliamentarian.

I see this election outcome brewing a lot of surprises, especially the councillors and legislators as we have so many independent candidates — a record in our elections.

On Monday, we want to revisit our 1980 election moto of “one man one vote” and that “your vote is your secret”.

Zimbabweans are once again being given the right to choose their leaders for the next five years and I encourage every voter to vote wisely.

While polls have been conducted seemingly only pitting Zanu PF and MDC, I see a number of political parties apart from the two brewing shockers.

More importantly for us as Democratic Opposition Party (DOP) is the revival of the economy; that Zimbabweans are able to get jobs on the market.

We will endeavour to support our country’s provinces, give them the power and authority to run affairs, hence the call for devolution of powers.

We want people, the communities to run their own provinces, most of which are rich in natural resources from gold, platinum to diamonds.

These minerals have to benefit communities from which they are mined unlike the situation now where all their riches are benefiting few corrupt lots.

After next week’s election as DOP we dream of a better future, a future full of promise and we promise that indeed this country will flow honey and milk.

We will quickly engage all captains of industry, hence call an indaba that will strategise and put a long-term plan to resuscitate our ailing factories and industries.

We have big plans for our agricultural sector and as a party we will also call for a proper land audit, so that we do away with multiple farm owners.

We will make sure that our farmers are well resourced and that only those with the knowledge to farm get the land.

Our manifesto has brilliant ideas that will kick-start us to a better life where everyone will have access to clean water; health facilities; education; electricity and jobs. Yes, jobs.

While we acknowledge that the biggest vote comes from the rural areas, it is regrettable that this voting block has been left out when it comes to sharing the country’s cake.

It is sad that after elections everything else is concentrated in urban areas and the rural constituency is completely ignored.

Only now because of the elections do politicians remember that there are folks down in the villages who can vote for them, and they troop there with a few goodies.

DOP will not do that, once in power we will work with the rural folk every day of the year so that development improves.

The road infrastructure is at its worst in rural communities and this has slowed development in several areas that have potential to grow.

Over the past months I have been campaigning in various wards and I am happy to say that we have thousands who are rallying behind our vision and next month we will deliver a “coup” as we march towards state house.

While other political parties have been there for several decades now, DOP is a new political outfit that came about this past year but the progress it has made so far is gratifying, it is humbling to say the least.

We entered this election knowing exactly what we wanted and we are working very hard to develop a strategy that works for us and our members.

Like I said before, after the elections there will only be one president; but suffice to say that there will be 210 members of Parliament, senators and councillors.

The elections are not only about the presidency but all these facets of government need to be filled and we are confident that as a party we will also be able to fill in some spaces within the governing structures.

It is also my hope that the peace prevailing now will prevail after the announcement of the election result.

And it is after the elections that as Zimbabweans and as DOP we will plot our way forward be it in government or outside government.

(Wilson is presidential candidate for DOP)