Let’s reform Zim together: ED

Source: Let’s reform Zim together: ED | Sunday Mail

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reassured the nation that the current “tough” environment is transitory as the ongoing economic reforms are “laying the foundation for long-term growth and prosperity”.

He said his main mission is to reform the country’s institutions, legislation and mind-sets, especially those that resist new ideas.

In a statement made during his maiden live radio programme, which was broadcast by Harare-based Capitalk 100.4FM on Friday, President Mnangagwa cautioned that reforms, however, bring about “short-term upheaval that causes pain and suffering”.

“Minister of Finance (Mthuli) Ncube has gone about reforming the very basis of our economy, returning us to a budget surplus and laying the foundations for long-term growth and prosperity. Yes, today is tough. But tomorrow is looking brighter and brighter,” said the President.

“We are opening Zimbabwe up to investment, building a new and mutually beneficial relationship with nations and businesses of the world.

“And we are repealing Posa and Aippa, two pieces of legislation that have been heavily criticised, symbols of the old Zimbabwe,” he said.

Reforms, he added, are incredibly difficult since they involve making painful sacrifices.

Government’s determination to establish a new way of doing things would not be derailed by those who feel threatened by the ongoing changes.

“The process of reform is not an easy one. It involves sacrifices from us all, and brings about short-term upheaval that causes pain and suffering. There will also always be those who are wedded to the old ways, and who do not want to see change. Those who are threatened by the new, open Zimbabwe we are building.

“But we cannot allow those voices to stifle our progress. We cannot allow those who benefited from how things were to stop Zimbabwe from changing.”

Most of the challenges that the country is grappling with, President Mnangagwa said, are the result of the old administration’s inclination to resist new ideas and new developments.

“For too long, our country has been held back by the old ways of doing things. In our society. Our politics. Our economy. Our Culture.

“New ideas have been resisted, new developments rejected. The results of this are the economic challenges we see and experience every day,” he said.

In order to achieve the planned upper middle-income economy by 2030, President Mnangagwa said he was wholly committed to the onerous task of reforming Zimbabwe.

“The process is tough, but I promise you it is worth it.

“We will reform Zimbabwe together. We will fulfil our potential.

“We will build our new Zimbabwe for all.”


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    Mthunzi 1 year ago

    2030 is too far Rra.

  • comment-avatar
    Enough 1 year ago

    ED keeps on going with these waffle speeches that don’t tell us anything, except to keep accepting Zanu mediocrity and failure. We’ve already suffered two decades and he wants us to suffer for another decade to 2030? – enough is enough, you have proved to us that you don’t know what you are doing. #EDmustgo #ZanuPFmustgo