Let’s shame our detractors, cdes! Give ED a chance

Source: Let's shame our detractors, cdes! Give ED a chance | Daily News

There are times when I really think we Zimbabweans are very ungrateful.

All we do is moan, curse, rant, rave, and practically do anything to show our people’s President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, in a bad light.

This is the same man who secured an overwhelming landslide of 50,6 percent of the vote.

He did not get his mandate by accident, he worked hard for it. And he is still working hard to fulfil it.

I am sure we all remember how he courted the local white and Indian voters during the election campaigns.

I particularly liked the way he addressed them at special venues like halls and at the Borrowdale Race Course, serving them tea and scones while wearing his now famous trademark scarf (oh yes, he personally served them tea!).

And how his party spent millions of dollars on imported top-of- the-range vehicles, those brilliant billboards, bright T-shirts, caps, scarfs, Zambia clothes and other paraphernalia that were printed in China.

He even advertised his campaign on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

I mean, how many candidates could do that? Need I mention his place among the vapostori of this nation, who gave him his own gown and stick when he paid them a visit at their shrine?

And those billboards have become the stuff of legend.

Here are just a few of the messages: The Voice of the People Is the Voice Of God… Affordable Quality Health Care Guaranteed… A Visionary Mature Leadership… For A Modern Railway Transportation System… Power Generation To Create Energy Surplus… Promoting International Trade Via World Class Borders.. Delivering The Zimbabwe You Want… For Robust Development… For Real Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… Upholding Our Rich Culture & Values… For The Protection & Nurturing Of Our Girl Child… For Principled & Strong Leadership… Clean Fresh Water For All… the man is fulfilling all these promises.

This man is a legend! What more do Zimbabweans want?

Ever since he won the July 30 elections, he has been flying in and out of the country, signing mega deals with friendly countries, hardly having enough time to sleep.

He has chartered the most expensive planes and booked the most expensive hotels to make sure his efforts come to fruition, iwe woshora…  And his minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube has hardly been in the country, flying all over the world, flying first class too and sleeping in the best hotels, sparing no expense to give us the prosperity we so desperately want.

Like everyone says, let’s give ED a chance.

Already, he has seen the plight of Zimbabweans who can no longer go to work because of high transport fares, and he recently introduced privately-owned buses to transport people under the Zupco banner.

This was after he had announced higher fuel prices, in order to deal the black market a huge blow!

Then he revived all those buses that had been off the road for a long time and put them onto rural roads.

Everyone is now happy.

And now the good news is government will soon partner with a baker who will bake a special loaf for the low income earners.

This is sweet news to those who love their tea with bread every day!!!

I now foresee a situation where our president will soon embark on a fast track rehabilitation of rural and urban roads after he is finished with widening and tarring the highways. Vakarongeka vakururu ava.

The rehabilitation of rural roads should fairly be easy: all the president has to do is announce that he will be visiting a certain growth point.

I assure you the road to that growth point will be tarred a few days before he even goes there!

That’s how effective our president is.

Something profound about the way he carries that scarf around his shoulders as a reminder to the weight of our problems he carries on his shoulders.

Now imagine him visiting all the growth points in the country….


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    Ndonga 2 years ago

    Yes indeed, ED has really been a wonder as a leader.

    He showed us always that he did not waste his many years kneeling at Mugabe’s feet.

    So much so that he even has already surpassed Mugabe in all that Mugabe did for us.

    It took Mugabe twenty years to break us as a nation…and ED did it even better and in a matter of months.

    Well done Ed.

    Our children and even our great grandchildren will always remember what you did to Zimbabwe.

    • comment-avatar
      Ndebele 2 years ago

      And let us not forget the Gukuruhundi – it is the work of legends ED, Mugabe and Shiri. 20 000 civilians in a spectacular genocide. This is something to be truly grateful for surely?

    • comment-avatar
      Sibusisiwe 2 years ago

      Reading something positive about our country ‘s president for a change. This is encouraging.  Am sooooo happy. Keep it up  ?? 

  • comment-avatar
    Flick 2 years ago

    Well, here’s one detractor you won’t shame. Zimbabwe owes me big time and until such time as it reimburses my lost pension it can get stuffed.

  • comment-avatar
    Blessy Mubobo 2 years ago

    All his promises are not fulfilled not even one. you are talking like someone who is having a meal at EDs table, yes you are enjoying it. Affordable healthy when his deputies are going out to seek medical assistance. the voice of the the people is the voice of God, but when the voice of the people demanded better things your Ediot unleashed his brutal soldiers to murder the people of Zimbabwe. you are not even ashamed of what you are saying,God is watching you. Zanu pf supporters and sympathisers are very ignorant to see what is bad and good. Unotodawo kudzidziswa its not your fault.

    • comment-avatar
      Ndonga 2 years ago

      My Dear Blessy,

      Sarcasm is something we Zimbabweans are still trying very hard to learn. It is foreign to our culture but we are indeed trying very hard to get on board.

      Have fun learning and using it as it can be a very powerful weapon against the proud, powerful and wicked among us.

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    Dave Scott 2 years ago

    All I want to know as a foreign white man is how you black people have managed to totally destroy what was once th second most powerful economy in Africa after South Africa…everything and I mean EVERYTHING worked, the railways, the hospitals and clinics, ALL the Farms, ALL the Parastatals, there was never a power cut, the shop shelves were never empty, you never had to import a single type of food product ??? Yet today the country is in absolute ruins, destroyed by, what I’m told, the Shona tribe, where they plundered, pillaged, looted and stole and they continue to do this today after your President told the world that Zimbabwe was open for business and that there would be no more farm seizures, yet we read about one last week in the British press???
    I’m just beginnng to wonder whether it I should in your DNA to destroy and not build! Do you prefer to live in mud huts, collect water in buckets from the rivers, cook on open fires, use candles for light and go to the tolilet near your hut door…is this how you prefer to live? If so then I can fully understand why Africa is the way it is…no good blaming it on slavery, colonialism, sanctions as we no longer buy those pathetic excuses. I just think it is in your DNA as James Watson quite rightly pointed out in 2007! It’s a real pity because I know that if you moved every black person to South Africa and filled the country with one million white people it would end up being the most powerful economy in Africa within 5 years of this happening, and just to let you know my best mate is a Matabele chap who I’ve been friends with for close on 30 years, we’ve travelled all over the world together and he will agree with everything I’ve said as I’d agree with him when we both say that there are a number of spineless White English runts around!!!

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    You seem to be in awe of his election PR and Marketing. Your reasoning is sarcastic and perplexing in the extreme – you don’t chartered the most expensive planes and booked the most expensive hotels to beg for crumbs from others. That is a red flag of misplaced priorities. ‘Special loaf for low income earners’????? I stopped taking you seriously when you said “everyone is happy now.’ You Sir, are a wind-up merchant