Let’s unite, support ED govt: Khupe

Source: Let's unite, support ED govt: Khupe | Daily News

HARARE – Leader of the break-away faction of the MDC — Thokozani Khupe,  has called for unity of purpose among opposition parties and other stakeholders as part of the initiative to restore the country’s struggling economy as the bread basket of Africa.

Khupe — one of the losing presidential candidates in the July 30 elections, has been largely quiet on the developments on the economic and political front.

While her counterpart MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has continued to make noise on the political front, describing President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an illegitimate and failed leader, Khupe — on the other hand — sang from a different hymn book as she spoke of unity.

“I have MPs, which means I have a voice in Parliament, I have had discussions with them to say go and raise issues, issues which are going to move this country forward,” Khupe told Southern News.

“As a party, we are going to continue engaging government and telling them exactly ideas on how to move this country forward,” Khupe said.

This comes as the country has in the past few weeks witnessed a spate of unprecedented price increases for most goods and services after parallel markets rates soared and business reacted to the unpopular two percent tax introduction by Finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

So bad has been the situation that the cost of living has suddenly shot up, leaving many wondering if the Mnangagwa government has what it takes to bring an end to Zimbabweans who have endured decades of suffering.

The former deputy prime minister in the inclusive government of 2009-13 said while there was need for opposition parties not to forget, their fight for electoral reforms, at the moment it was important to prioritise the bread and butter issues.

“But right now, let’s talk about moving the country forward at the same time let’s also talk about reforms. So that by the time we get to 2023, our electoral reforms will be in place.

“Like I said before, 2018 was a better election than all the elections we have had before. We are hoping that by 2023 there will be an improvement but our focus for now must be moving this country forward,” she said.

“People want food on their tables, jobs, hospitals that are functional. We want to get rid of all these negative things that are happening. We want a better Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe used to be the bread-basket of Africa. We want Zimbabwe to go back to where it was.”

She added: “Let us learn as Zimbabweans to put our interests aside and put the people first. Let us put the interest of Zimbabwe first.”


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    She doesnt have mps, she has one Mp who was not elected bt who got in through the quota system

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    Hospitals! Hospitals! Hospitals! Mdc leader once said that we will pretend to be sick in order to get into 5 star hospitals. It was a vision any eloquent politicians would say to attract fellowship and then what. It matters more what you do to them than what you say. We want those corrupt ministers and their boards present and past, found guilty to replace the millions of USD they swindled leaving life lines like hospitals being death zones due to shortage of medicine and motivated personnel.