Mai Jukwa finally takes our cue by Muckracker

August 2, 2013 

Muckraker saw a flyer from Zanu PF councillor for Ward 5, Abraham Samushonga. He said his party would “Indeginize (sic), Empower, Develop and Create Employment”.

By Muckracker

Where will they create employment we wonder, not having created any over the past 33 years!

Samushonga is unknown in his domain: Belvedere, Milton Park, Ridgeview and Monavale.

What we suggest is that he first learns how to spell indigenise before he next sends out his Pamberi Nekubatana message!

In one of the election flyers enclosed in a newspaper on Monday was a picture of Lookout Masuku, the Zipra commander. He, it may be recalled, was incarcerated despite being acquitted by the courts, and died upon his release because of the abuse he suffered in jail.

“Let us salute the memory of our armed struggle,” the caption reads. Indeed, let us remember the armed struggle and those 20 000 cadres who died, many in appalling conditions.

Smoke and mirrors

Zanu PF’s propaganda campaign has been a mix of childishness, deception and ancient history. Most people have seen the white man being carried across the river. The Herald photo would have been taken in the 1890s. In a bid to stoke the fires of racism, the caption reads: “This could have been your great grandfathers.”

Another picture of porters carrying settlers in hammocks says: “This is where we came from, we can no longer be used like this.”
Is it seriously suggested that the whites of today, of whom there are only 40 000, are planning to use rickshaw drivers to carry them around?

So much for the Human Rights Commission which has been trumped by Zanu PF’s vicious propaganda. Of course apart from roads, railways, schools and hospitals colonial rule was cruel and bad. But so was Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina.

Who dreamt up those wicked episodes? Not the generation of 1890 but the Zanu PF gang of today!

Extreme makeover
Meanwhile President Mugabe has had a makeover in his election posters. He has lost about 20 years. It is a characteristic of totalitarian states that their leaders are portrayed as forever young.

We recall portraits of Ceausescu and Shamuyarira.

How long will it take for Zec to count the votes, we wonder? This is an outfit that has hardly covered itself in glory. It took five weeks in 2008. In the UK, polling stations close at 8pm and the results are known by early the next morning.

Here, in what must be one of the most misconceived restrictions upon the democratic process and freedom of expression we are not even allowed to whisper what we think the result might be. But the Herald, we note, was permitted to forecast “President to win first round” on its front page. Clearly a different rule for some!

That darned beast
Nathaniel Manheru had a lot to say about our front-page editorial in his Saturday column. He described it as “intemperately hateful… replete with animal imagery as would shame the discourse of Rhodesiana.”

Despite having been educated in Britain, he is clearly unfamiliar with the expression regarding the “face of the beast”. Whatever the case, he has the effrontery to accuse us of hate language which was the main feature of his boss’ election speeches!

And what about the ethics of permanent secretaries adopting partisan positions? Is Manheru in any position to lecture us on that? His hypocrisy knows no bounds! We noticed he is still using a feather quill for his Saturday output. Surely they have a computer he can use!

Mai Jukwa’s epiphany
Speaking of Zanu PF hired guns, we were intrigued to note Herald columnist Mai Jukwa shares Zimbabweans’ view that ZBC’s poor coverage of Morgan Tsvangirai has boomeranged.

“Without any real coverage of the man, over the years a mythical figure of noble persuasion has grown in the minds of many Zimbabweans,” Mai Jukwa conceded.

“I am convinced that if the ZBC had covered Tsvangirai in the same manner in which it covers Zanu PF events then Tsvangirai would have been history many years ago.”

Echoing what Muckraker and many others have stated, Mai Jukwa lays into senior management at Pockets Hill for their “head-in-the-sand attitude” whereby they “do not seem to recognise that there is a problem”.

The nuggets continue: “This is worrying because the nature of the problems facing the corporation would seem obvious to many.Viewers are the only measure of success for a broadcaster. By continuing to bleed viewers the ZBC threatens our very national security.

“This is unfortunate because the national broadcaster should strive to inform.”

We never thought we would say this but preach on Mai Jukwa.

A loota continua
South of the border the ANC is working hard to improve its management of the state, Business Day columnist Songezo Zibi says.

But, he notes, the party has completely shied away from questioning whether its relationship with state institutions is not at the heart of its own problems, such as corruption and factionalism and the resultant failure to deliver public services.

“This culture has so poisoned union politics, Zibi says, “that union leadership is seen by many as a gateway to state contracts, business deals and higher political office in the ANC.

“It also guarantees membership of a consumerist elite that enjoys gluttonous lifestyles while speaking a socialist language.”
Which raises a question. What happened to the much-touted relationship between Zanu PF and the ANC?

Juju’s ‘freedom’
Julius Malema has been liberating his extensive assets to pay his SARS bills. His Sandton home went under the auctioneer’s hammer earlier this year for five million rand and his Polokwane house for not much less.

He and his friends in the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party ride around in luxury vehicles wearing red berets, the hallmark of their heroes such as the late Hugo Chavez.

We are not sure if “wee Julius” as he is known in the Sunday Times disposed of his Breitling watch and other bling bling.

The EFF guys apparently don’t see the irony of the display of ostentatious wealth while surrounded by a sea of poverty.

Zanu PF Jr
On a similar vein, the ANC on Monday said Zanu PF had single-handedly destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy and the EFF should be wary of taking inspiration from Zimbabwe.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said Malema’s party was not guided by the Freedom Charter but rather was inspired by Zanu PF.

“To me the EFF has nothing to do with the Freedom Charter –– it has everything to do with Zanu PF,” he said.

In bold face
We note with concern Retired Brigadier-General Livingstone Chineka who has threatened war if Zanu PF loses the poll which took place on Wednesday.

Chineka was reported as telling villagers that the former war fighters are never too old to dislodge MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai from power if he beats President Mugabe.

“The revolution is still on,” he said, “the war continues.”

“I may be old but I know how to use a gun.”

This was reported in NewsDay and Southern Eye but we reprint the general’s remarks here in case Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma says she didn’t notice them.

Iconic judge
Finally the passing of former chief justice Pius Langa in South Africa has attracted a host of tributes which are all well-deserved.

Jeremy Gauntlett SC, a former chairman of the South African bar had this to say:

“Like Zimbabwe’s outstanding chief justice, Enoch Dumbutshena, Langa was universally respected too for his obvious wisdom and sense of justice…

“He managed to be detached without being indifferent. He personified the principled judge, concerned about realising for all people what the constitution intended. He was its scrupulously independent gate-keeper.”