Makonde gets $380m for devolution projects

Source: Makonde gets $380m for devolution projects | Herald (Top Stories)

Conrad MupesaMash West Bureau

Government has allocated $386 million to Makonde Rural District Council (MRDC) for the 2022 devolution funded projects. 

Council chairperson, Alderman Simbarashe Ziyambi said identification and implementation of the projects would be gender-sensitive taking into consideration the newly launched gender policy framework of the local authority. 

Said Alderman Ziyambi: “For 2022, we were given a budget of $386 million. The Government does not dictate projects that we have to implement. It is us at the local level who identify the projects we want.” 

The council, he said, had deliberately focused on projects to improve the well-being of women that included the construction of Gandavaroyi, Magogi and Mupata Clinics which were ready for use. 

“We have further drilled 12 solar-powered boreholes to improve access to water in the district. As Makonde Rural District Council, we are committed to ensuring that women and girls participate fully in the economic and social programmes of the council without any discrimination.” 

He challenged women to participate in the identification of projects that they wished council to implement using devolution funds and also rallied them to participate in the national budget consultations. 

MRDC social services officer, Ms Geytta Bunya said at least 40 schools in the district were not registered as examination centres hence there was need for communities to construct schools while more health care centres were also required. 

Some villagers from Scafell in Makonde’s Ward 6 thanked the Government for allocating the funds which they said were going to promote development in the area. Council has bought a motorised grader and a tipper and is also working on its vast road network to complement the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP2) introduced by the Government.