Mbuya Nehanda statue unveiling on Africa Day

Source: Mbuya Nehanda statue unveiling on Africa Day | Herald (Top Stories)

Workmen put finishing touches at Mbuya Nehanda memorial site at the intersection of Samora Machel Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way in Harare yesterday ahead of the commissioning of Zimbabwe’s First Chimurenga war icon’s statue by President Mnangagwa. Government is erecting the statue in honour of her heroic rebellion against colonialism in which she paid the ultimate price by being hanged. —Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

Fungi Kwaramba in Gokwe
The statue of the iconic and celebrated Zimbabwean heroine Mbuya Nehanda is set to be unveiled on May 25, President Mnangagwa has announced.

The President revealed this as he officially opened the country’s commemorations of the universal Culture Day here in Gokwe.

He said the Second Republic will honour all the country’s heroes who sacrificed with their lives for the country’s independence.

The President said culture in its diversity must be celebrated by all Zimbabweans.

“Today, when I went around looking at our traditional cuisine, what we used to eat, this is what people depended on.

“This is what makes us proud black people.

“For a country to develop, we must be united and follow our tradition which promotes peace and unity.

“You will not get rabble-rousers here because here we are all bound by the commitment to develop this nation. I saw traditional clothes which demonstrate our people’s creativity.

“The music, was so exciting, the traditional dancing was top notch. Indeed we have a rich history.

“We must always celebrate our culture,” he said.

The President added that when the country went through successive droughts and natural disasters, he invited traditional leaders to carry traditional ceremonies similar to those which used to take place in the country’s culture.

“We shall continue going to different regions promoting their culture.

“We are all Zimbabweans in our diversity, let us unite,” said the President.


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    ausibanda@gmail.com 3 weeks ago

    The Nehanda thing is just nonsensical diversion from national issues. It shows bankruptcy on the part of zanu. The modern economies have nothing to do with maswikiro. The primitivity is shocking. Vanhu vakadzidza kuswera vachinamata vahu vakafa kare. Wasted money.