MDC should proffer solutions to crises

Source: MDC should proffer solutions to crises | Daily News

HARARE – While it is the MDC’s democratic right to demonstrate over the worsening economic situation in the country, we also expect its shadow government to proffer solutions on the on-going crisis.

The MDC should by now have learnt that demonstrations alone will not wake up a Zanu PF government that has for decades been arrogant and stubborn.

The more MDC demonstrates, the more Zanu PF hardens.

The MDC shadow Cabinet must give us solutions to the myriad problems we are currently facing from cash shortages, price hikes, shortages of drugs to labour issues.

It is time that the MDC proves to the nation that indeed they are a government in-waiting and Zimbabweans should be able to see a better government through them.

Confrontation with the Zanu PF government will not work and it has not worked in the past, so the opposition party is advised to change tactic.

While the MDC can mobilise thousands to turn out in the streets and vent their anger at the worsening economic crisis, this will not change the lives of those affected.

Instead of pouring petrol onto a raging fire, the MDC should exploit this crisis so as to advance their “sound” and alternative policies for everyone to see.

It is time the party reviews its strategies and we expect MDC officials to show their leadership qualities, especially in dire times like these.

While the opposition may brag about Zanu PF’s failure and claim they can successfully run the economy, it has to realise that the poverty that has befallen Zimbabweans is not selective; this catastrophic development is touching on everyone.

Nelson Chamisa, as leader of the MDC, should sober up and proffer Zimbabweans with solutions on how to come out of the abyss we are in.

A lot of people are looking up to him as the leader of the biggest opposition party for sound leadership and direction, not seeing him wasting time planning demonstrations which have often turned riotous.

This is not time for student politics or activism; this is a period that requires soberness and sustainable solutions. Chamisa cannot continue to live in denial, harping ceaselessly on his presidential loss because he will continue to bark up the wrong tree until 2023 when the country holds another round of elections.

He should save his energy and concentrate on improving the areas he got wrong the last time.