Media critical to national development — SB Moyo

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Minister Moyo

Herald Reporter

FOREIGN Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo says the media plays a crucial role in highlighting and stimulating discussions on nation-building as it educates and shines light on vices such as corruption.

In a virtual address to the 2020 World Press Freedom Conference hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) yesterday, Dr Moyo said the Second Republic regards the media as an important arm of the State.

“In Zimbabwe, we regard the media as a very important arm, which wields tremendous power and influence. In other words, the safety of journalists is one of the fundamental human rights and freedoms that are enshrined in our supreme law, which guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of the media for every person in the country,” said Dr Moyo.

Since the advent of the New Dispensation, media freedoms have flourished in Zimbabwe with Government recently licensing six television stations in a move that broke the monopoly of ZBC and ensured diversity and pluralism.

“The media plays a pertinent nation-building function of enlightening and educating the public on current developments, programmes and policies. It is also an important accountability enabler as it raises red flags on issues such as corruption or lack of access to services that might otherwise never be publicly debated or addressed, thereby stimulating Governments to take action on social policy.

“This explains why President Mnangagwa, right from the advent of the New Dispensation, declared Zero Tolerance for Corruption, which to date has seen two serving Cabinet Ministers and many other high profile personalities arrested and charged . . . Another milestone is the enactment of the Freedom of Information Act on 1st July 2020, which effectively repealed the Access to Information and Privacy Protection Act (AIPPA).

“The Freedom of Information Act provides journalists and the general citizenry access to information from public bodies, thus giving effect to Section 62 of our Constitution on Access to Information,” Dr Moyo said.

Over the past three years Government has undertaken several political, legal and media reforms to widen and entrench democracy, the contentious AIPPA was repealed with the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa saying the country has nothing to hide hence the opening of the media space.


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    Ndebele 5 months ago

    Yes – this is correct. Sibusiso is the Chief Liar for ED and Zanu – so the Zanu Tabloids of The Herald and The Chronicle are very important to zanu to push their lies. Zanu Propaganda is now in Overdrive with the Zimbabwe Dollar gaining against all major currencies, prices going up but inflation going down, the NRZ being the best rail system in Africa, Command Agriculture being the best agriculture globally, the Land Reform Programme a world beater globally with Mujiba Scoones singing for his supper in Sussex and Sakubva alike, and now Chinamasa telling the world that ED is the born again Mbuya Nehanda!! Goodness me – I reckon that Patrick Anthony and Emmerson had better put their beds up on ten bricks now and sleep with one eye open – we have it on good authority that Mbuya Nehanda is seething with rage with them both. It is common knowledge in the Matopos that Mbuya Nehanda is about to take revenge on both Chinamasa and ED. It is just a matter of time now. Not sure if it will be a Border Gezi, Chris Ushewokunze, or a Tongara revenge or a Rex Nhongo revenge, or a Maurice Nyagumbo revenge that Mbuya Nehanda takes but she will be watching those scarves very closely. It is coming.